Sports Psychology with Dave Freeze

Sports Psychology with Dave Freeze

Took in a very interesting workshop last night at Greenhawk. Sports psychology with Dave Freeze!

Without further ado…I learned a great deal from him. Now to put it into practice! I have toyed with doing sports psychology on and off, mainly because I have a paralyzing fear of screwing up jumping and at horse shows. UGH.

There are two options to maintain that perfect ‘self’ we see when we think of ourselves:
Our image of ourselves=results. But what happens when the results don’t match up to our perfect image of us?
• Can you behave differently?
• How do you change your image?
• Don’t borrow from the list: disappointment/frustration/anger/doubt/fear/jealousy
• Things happen that will always happen: These are predictable results.
• Develop the skills to better your self-image, make you more confident as a person, OR you can broaden your self-image of ‘me’ as a person. I am a person who occasionally makes mistakes, but doesn’t let them ruin my day, or ruin my self-image.
• I am all-encompassing; I manage my mistakes well & am calm, grounded and centered. I handle myself.
• Don’t sell yourself out by over-promising or under-promising.
• Set yourself up to succeed.
Don’t focus on outcomes. If you use your indicators (transitions, impulsion, rhythm, fitness) and focus on your process attributes (calm, relaxed, focused, breathe, low tension, positive) the outcome will take care of itself.

ie- you didn’t blow your chance at first place if you get a refusal. Accept it, and move on. It’s in the past. You don’t need the past anymore.

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