Easy tiger


I love the photos Christi took. I miss summer! (though I don’t miss the drama-filled shitshow that summer turned into…)

After a week fraught with stress, I had a really solid, nice weekend. It was good, relaxing, stuff to do but not TOO much, you know? A fine balance with me. I had a dressage lesson with Sam on Friday and Oats was sassy, and we had to work HARD but it was a far better lesson than last week. I felt like he was more flexible, and not quite so stiff. His left lead canter is still a work in progress, but he was trying, he really was. He wasn’t misbehaving or anything, I could tell it was just tough for him.

So, things to work on. I know that his canter is what is holding us back from Second Level right now- just too much to fix/try to adjust at this point…Oh well, onwards right?

Saturday I had a nice ride, flatwork but working hard at it! The vet came and gave me wormer for Oats – he was going to do it, but I said it would be easier if I did. Oats HATED IT and was in a sad, deflated state after. Nothing looks good, can’t eat, bad taste in my mouth..wah wah poor pony.

Then we had a show- we went to see BRONCHO perform (most of their stuff was from the album Bad Behaviour) and they rocked! Such a fun set. I’m glad my husband sprung for tickets. I was on the fence- not sure if I would like them enough, since they are pretty new to me. But it was super fun!

Sunday I did something fairly ambitious- ran to the barn from home (it was raining in my face the entire way. Joy.), rode (bareback! It was fun and chill. Just what we needed), and then I ran home. It was a lot of running (a cool close to 25k, whewww) but at least it stopped raining and the sun came out! Sure didn’t help the absolutely wicked chafing I experienced…Ouch….that one needs more time to heal. Lesson learned about jogging in wet tights. Bring a spare shirt and shorts. At least it was very mild out?!


From last spring- I hope we continue to have mild weather~

We even had tacos for dinner and went to Dairy Queen to get dessert- Peanut Buster Parfaits! And on that note- I couldn’t believe how expensive they were now. 1 cost a cool $6.50. Can you believe it? It wasn’t THAT good. Pfft. I won’t go again. Not worth it…Plus the clientele at DQ, in a pretty normal/ok location close to downtown, was ….yikes. Street involved, druggy, a sex worker was wandering around. It was about dinnertime? Hm.

I am dealing with a lot of rebound hunger today though, ha. Despite my dinner + dessert!




So, part Sasquatch and part Mr. Oats update. (I do still ride, you know!)

Back to riding Oats on Monday, and he was a total zombie. Longed like a slug- like, he was looking at me with this expression on his face- why are you doing this? I’m tired! Rode in the indoor because I was a bit concerned about transitioning his feet to the outdoor. And the ride itself was ehhhhh….Good flat work warm up, though a bit sluggy. Schooled over two fences set on the diagonal and this is where it fell apart.

I could.not.get.a.distance.to.save.my.freaking.life.


He even cruised to a stop! Over a two foot fence! AHHH.

I had to go back to trotting the two fences and then cantered and I still managed to screw it up. Jeeeeeesh. Poor pony, haha.

His canter was nice though, and I ended with some no-stirrups work- which he kind of hates too. Oh well!

And now for some juicy Sasquatch stories….

On the Saturday, my husband and I stayed for the Cut Copy aftershow, that ended around 2am. My friends were partying it up with Hey Ocean! and all was good- rockin’ in fact.

We left after the show, and I was standing by a first-aid tent wearing my red rain jacket, and two people rushed up to me frantically ”there’s a girl having seizure!!” And I was like WTF? I turned behind me and found a paramedic, and was like, ”tell her!” and she rushed off with them. And then ANOTHER girl rushed up to me and was like, there’s a girl having a seizure!! And I was like yes, the paramedics are on it! She thanked me??!

Anyways, so my friends left to go party with the band after, and husband and I trucked home.

I saw them straggling in to the campsite at like 5: 30 a.m. and as it turns out, one of my friends had crash-landed through a guy’s tent in the middle of the night because it was so dark–and there was a guy sleeping in it! HA! What a rude surprise!

We listened to this story laughing our asses off, and then that friend crawled out of her tent looking seriously disheveled…Jared was like, ”Your shirt is on inside-out” and I was like ”and it’s backwards”/// HAHAHA

good times!


Sports Psychology with Dave Freeze

Sports Psychology with Dave Freeze

Took in a very interesting workshop last night at Greenhawk. Sports psychology with Dave Freeze!

Without further ado…I learned a great deal from him. Now to put it into practice! I have toyed with doing sports psychology on and off, mainly because I have a paralyzing fear of screwing up jumping and at horse shows. UGH.

There are two options to maintain that perfect ‘self’ we see when we think of ourselves:
Our image of ourselves=results. But what happens when the results don’t match up to our perfect image of us?
• Can you behave differently?
• How do you change your image?
• Don’t borrow from the list: disappointment/frustration/anger/doubt/fear/jealousy
• Things happen that will always happen: These are predictable results.
• Develop the skills to better your self-image, make you more confident as a person, OR you can broaden your self-image of ‘me’ as a person. I am a person who occasionally makes mistakes, but doesn’t let them ruin my day, or ruin my self-image.
• I am all-encompassing; I manage my mistakes well & am calm, grounded and centered. I handle myself.
• Don’t sell yourself out by over-promising or under-promising.
• Set yourself up to succeed.
Don’t focus on outcomes. If you use your indicators (transitions, impulsion, rhythm, fitness) and focus on your process attributes (calm, relaxed, focused, breathe, low tension, positive) the outcome will take care of itself.

ie- you didn’t blow your chance at first place if you get a refusal. Accept it, and move on. It’s in the past. You don’t need the past anymore.