Riding Mr.Oats

Oats has been very consistent lately, and I couldn’t remember the last time he spooked with me…Except…

Tuesday it was quite windy out, and I went down to the indoor. Another rider had a lesson and showed up later, and Oats could.not.stop.staring! He was distracted, had a pretty big spook at the gate, and was kind of all over the place. We got into a good canter, but after our canter he was snapping at his bit, and kind of head tossing and anticipating another transition. ARGH

That was ok, except going down the long side of the arena, the backdoor blew open! And beyond that? Utter and complete darkness!! To Oats, the gates of hell must have opened up and it was a yawning mouth of black ready to swallow him whole…So

He SHOT sideways, leaving me practically like Wile-E-Coyote hanging in midair. Except I’m getting to be much more solid in the tack, and I went with him for his sudden sideways jaunt.

Sheesh. I felt like my poor stomach got lost in the torsion or something. 

I picked myself up together, and the instructor went to shut the door and we walked calmly past it. 

And I called it a day. Thanks, but I am leaving on a trip soon…!

Our lesson on Wed was uneventful. Worked over a course of poles, and of course I started acting like I was on course at a Grand Prix showjumping venue, instead of just cantering poles. Had my ‘intense’ face on…hahahaha.


And some more clothes (holiday edition!)

And some more clothes (holiday edition!)

Found more clothes, and am congratulating myself on them.

To date:

Joe Fresh boatneck sweater in pink and red stripes
Bluenotes shorts – topical for me, headed to a hot climate!
American Eagle red sweatpants
5 tanktops- Bluenotes and other assorted brands. Colours:
Red, Purple, Green, Turquoise and Burgundy.


If people were truthful on Facebook

(Stole these from the Chronicle of the Horse. Too funny to pass up!)
I admit I am guilty of sugar-coating things, or only posting positive life events. Hey, we’re all spin doctors of our own lives, right? I’m just ensuring the ‘right’ PR goes forward. Without further ado..
To my adequate husband, on this the anniversary of our marginally-well-thought-out wedding, I thank you for five tolerable years. Not a day goes by in which I don’t congratulate myself for resisting the urge to throttle you. Hugs and kisses, your wife.

Dear Facebook friends: thanks so much for all of your heartfelt two-word birthday wishes on my wall. Especially those of you whom I’ve never met but who work with my ex-officemate’s brother-in-law. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life, even if I couldn’t pick some of you out of a police lineup (love those cartoon profile pictures!).


Wow, Penelope. Your baby has grown so much since you posted a video of her yesterday. She is just galloping past those milestones! I’ll be away from my desk for a few minutes and my Facebook iPhone app has been squidgy lately, so please text the next video to me. I can’t bear to go more than a couple of hours without an update. Please also use seven exclamation points and three lols in the text. 

True eh?

Finally have a win!

Finally have a win!

That’s right, now I have something to celebrate. Yeehaw! In exactly 1 week, I will be headed to this fabulous locale, without cell phones, internet, electricity…

This is the San Blas islands in Panama. An archipelago run by the indigenous population (the Kuna people) who don’t really speak much Spanish OR English–instead having a dialect of their own.

They own and run tourism businesses operating out of the San Blas islands and for a rather princely sum, you can camp (we are) or stay in a hut (we’re not) on basically a deserted island to yourself for a few days. Food is brought in 3X a day, and you can go snorkeling and visit other islands too.

I can’t wait! This will be my first trip to Panama. Yeah!!


Needs a ‘win’

Needs a 'win'

Yeah, despite my other posts- they came a bit earlier than the bad news that immediately preceded it…

This is actually how I am feeling at the moment. I want to wallow in my grinch-ness. I am feeling spectacularly grinchy and cranky. And hell, let’s throw crabby in there too.

Remember earlier, when I was crowing about how lucky I was? Well, I’m lucky but others around me aren’t. And I want them to be. Hence my sudden dissolution into grinch-hood. ARGH.

So, I’m still feeling crabby. And a Merry Christmas to all! I am sure it will pass. Grumble…