So much for the summer

So much for the summer

So, I’m having a great summer- the best actually! Every weekend is jam-packed with fun and great events (trips, the Interior, Calgary, camping, horse shows)…and yet there is a fly in the ointment (I am trying to bring this back-not sure if succeeding yet).

A trip that was originally spur of the moment, then actually booked, fell through. I can’t even figure out why I am so disappointed, turns out I was looking forward to so much more than even I realized… Sigh. First world problems right here folks. It doesn’t help that my family seems to be going on a series of fabulous aventures without me! Gasp! Yes I am a bit envious. I’ll survive, but for now, chalk it up to a big case of the summer holiday blues…

Clothes are like the tides, they come and go

I was happily able to collect lots of potential clothing items for my family, to give to them when we visited! My mom got a bunch of t-shirts, a few pairs of capris and a track jacket. My sister got some hoodies, a knit sweater and some t-shirts and a pair of jean shorts, I believe. Share the love!

This all comes back to my thinking that clothes aren’t necessarily ‘forever’…But that they come and go, you enjoy them for awhile, and then like a book, they get passed on to a new owner.

Also happily, I was able to find two more items of clothing on my walk home– a cute white tank top from AE I believe, and a long-sleeved bright orange knit t-shirt from AE as well. To be washed, and then I’ll give ’em a try. It’s been a good summer ­čÖé Oh and courtesy of my sister, two new Jack Daniels v-neck t-shirts. Good for working out in.

Don’t Give Up

Title of a new Washed Out song…But yeah, back from holidays (HOLIDAYS) and a big music festival, and have birthday┬ácamping coming up…Life is busy!

Life on the Oats front? Got his footsies done yesterday, he is spectacularly reluctant to give me a good ride in the outdoor arena (feet?) but is reasonably good in the indoor (not sucking back, giving me a decent if slow canter and wow, bending when we go right. Yes this is a rare thing). Ha, oh well!

Has been warm here, I have been too busy to ride a ton but have been getting Oats going and he even went for a nice cool-off walk in the big x-ctry field next to the outdoor ring. And he was great! So well behaved! He is getting a tad chubby (or as the farrier said, he is in really good ‘shape’ right now). Hah.

Planning for our next horse show, maybe a dressage show? I had a really nice time at our first ever one, so maybe we will try to follow up on that and have a good experience! Our flatwork is kind of lousy right now but I’m hoping it’s merely a situational thing, rather than a serious ‘valley’ type thing. Ah you know horses, one day you’re on top of the world, the next day you’re spitting out dirt…

But, so far this summer Oats and I have been riding pretty high! I’m lucky to have him, my darling and so naughty dog Gidget and surly rabbit Buster. I missed my collection of critters when I was away for a week.