Friday Funny!

Friday Funny!

Something hilarious I found on the Chronicle of the Horse’s website today…While they were discussing flooding at the WEF’s showgrounds, they mentioned the possibility of gators. So at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center they actually did find an alligator in a stall at one of the shows.

And they said:
“This guy was taking advantage of the free admission for all at the American Quarter Horse Association Region 10 Championship show. Our horse friends, however, objected to his presence and he was kindly escorted out by the Florida Fish and Wildlife crew. FREE admission for all at the Equestrian Center till Sunday‚Ķ well, except for gators.”

HAHA now how can you not find that funny??


Zen and the art of horseback riding

Zen and the art of horseback riding

The other day, I lost my temper with Oats.

I was ashamed and unhappy with myself. It had been a long time since that happened (I couldn’t really remember!) and I had hoped my bad behaviour had gone away for good.

I pulled him in angry circles, he was looking for a reason to misbehave because he was tired, and I just pushed.pushed.pushed. It wasn’t productive, and I got off feeling unhappy and bad for Oats.

I vowed that my next ride would be better. A ride that didn’t make me feel defensive and angry, that didn’t have me pushing Oats’ buttons all at once. I have an intensity issue sometimes–too much is too much though. I never have a problem of not riding–I have trouble knowing when to stop!

So, yesterday I went out with a more positive outlook. Oats was still looking to be a bit silly, but I figured- who cares? As long as we’re still having fun!

I also stopped doing the- ok that was 1 good canter transition- let’s try for 5 more game. Now THAT is unproductive! I had 1 and left it at that. I didn’t drill and I didn’t get annoyed.

I did hop over some crossrails without stirrups, to hilarious results. I don’t think Oats likes when I ride without stirrups though…Too much bouncing around or something!

So, I felt much more zen and happy about my ride and about Oats. I spent another hour at the barn with him, doing his least-favourite activity- mane pulling. Poor Oats! hahaha.

Riding lesson tonight, and I just want to continue on my happy riding streak.


Mr. Oats- Cross-Country superstar?

Mr. Oats- Cross-Country superstar?

Yeah I don’t think so! Photo courtesy of Jodie Wright, at a rather miserable clinic we attended a few years ago.

In short- Oats and I both lost our minds a bit. Oats was threatening to rear and go nuts, he would NOT stop bucking during the clinic, and frankly, we were both way overfaced. (Ugh, no thanks to the clinician. What a miserable experience!) also the farm owner was a freaking nutszo who verbally attacked me for ‘abandoning’ my horse- in the pen that I paid for the weekend? Ugh I hated the whole weekend, and actually wrote to the clinic organizer saying how the farm owner had attacked me.

Not so much with the jumping, but with the scene, the atmosphere. It was too much for us.

~ anyways~ that is in the past. No need to think about it further!

So…Old Mr.Oats is so awesome these days, and so on Saturday I heaped up a pile of fir branches and we hopped over them back & forth a bunch of times. Set on a slight incline, you could jump them going ‘up’ or in a slight drop ‘down’ fence.


Oats loved it. He had a blast! The teenagers from the stable were like heyyy what are you doing? And I was like, what does it look like! Having fun! So they joined in too and took their horses over the little brushy fence with my supervision.

Hah, now my coach is suggesting we re-visit trying to school some x-c fences this summer. To make it clear- we are NOT eventers- but Oats does seem to have a certain affinity for jumps that have a bit of ‘challenge’ added to them…Like liverpool fences, or natural obstacles on varied terrain.

Had a fun time! Yay Oats!


Existential crises?

Existential crises?

So, this album title from Washed Out accurately describes how I feel this week.

I have everything going for me- and yet- I have literally wailed about how I have ‘nothing’ except my horse. (Who is doing great, by the way).

Is this an existential crises? I’m normally a happy person?! What gives?

I have plowed through this week in a black mood, in a funk, wondering what the point of it all is. Why I get up, go to work, come home, take the dog out, go riding, come home, go to bed, get up, go to work…You can figure out how the rest goes.

And? For why? Life is too short and too long. Both at once. I am happy with my life and not happy.

I also had a dream last night that my dog Gidget was being chased by a polar bear when we were skiing at Silver Star. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I’m not sure what that message is though.

I hope next week comes with a win! (Oh and that’s another problem- when you start ascribing your happiness to solely external factors – winning prizes, winning praise at work) and it just isn’t happening enough? You get what I have right now. Trouble!!

I could be an astronaut (if Earth would loosen its grip on me)

Fun song from Youth Lagoon.

The funny thing about not rushing around day-to-day is that it allows you a moment to think, and thinking can be dangerous.

Yesterday I was so frantically busy and frazzled I couldn’t remember how to spell orange correctly (took me 3 tries?!) but I was feeling proud and accomplished.

Today I have time to think, and I am not happy with what I think about.

People who are workaholics aren’t working because they like to work. They work because being too busy to think (because you’re always at work?!) is a better option.

A good advice columnist put it this way: Do you think workaholics love work so much? Not really!

I’m feeling like a bit of a black cloud today, and I am trying to figure out where these feelings are coming from. A bit of a depart from my normally fairly happy existence. It’s weird…


My two favourite guys

My two favourite guys

Things have been pretty crazy. Like, my goal is to take a lunch this week kind of crazy.

Luckily, Oats has been adorable and on Saturday, the weather was fabulous.

Thursday I had such a delicious ride, I couldn’t believe myself. Oats canter was amazing, he was so wonderful and flexible.

Saturday was another fun ride, and my husband came by to pick me up (he had borrowed the car) so I snapped some fun shots. It was that warm out, in January!

Sunday, I had set up a braiding clinic for myself and some barn friends. I arranged for another friend who is quite the accomplished braider and turnout guru to teach us how to braid. It was really good! I learned a new skill (that I apparently knew at one point) and was proud to be able to practice it.

It was quite chilly on Sunday though, so after 3+ hours of braiding and hanging around, I had ZERO desire to ride! Plus Oats had some wild energy to let loose, so I went home for lunch and he went outside for a romp.

Went for a run this weekend and my new goal is 1- longer run and 1- shorter run (up the hill to the reservoir) with the dog each week. I think it is fairly doable? Except Gidget started trying to run home when I was jogging with her. She’ll get into it though, I hope!

Fingers crossed some of this craziness slows down a little bit! Yikes! I am also going to try to practice braiding and pulling Oats mane each time I ride, after I ride.