Throwback Thursday: Bear Hill with Countess

Yep, taking us all the way back to university years! I started riding at Bear Hill when I was in second year, and bussed out to every lesson on Saturdays.

I started off riding Countess- this was our first lesson together. My then-boyfriend Ian, now husband, used to come watch and take videos. Wish I had that luxury again, haha. But I do like being able to ride a LOT more and own my own horse, and car.

I rode with Kathy Harrison, who was a very enjoyable instructor. I used to be late fairly often due to the buses (they were NEVER on time) and I think it used to really bug her, haha.

I ended up switching horses- to Lucy- who was my absolute favourite. I don’t think I ever quite clicked with another horse like I did with her. She ended up getting sold when Bear Hill shut down, and I moved to Ambleside. Kathy bought her, and now she teaches other students at Kathy’s place.

It’s funny to look back at my videos and see how I have both improved and not improved! Riding is such a weird sport for that.

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