Friday Flashback: Lucy

I have this done up as an oil painting too!

I have this done up as an oil painting too!

Loved this girl, wanted to dedicate some more photos to her!

Bear Hill- over the barrels

Bear Hill- over the barrels

She was such a lovely little horse, very game and very engaging. I also fell off her while riding hungover- she spooked at a pylon, and she did sometimes have a buck (but not compared with what Oats had! hah!)

Oops short spot!

Oops short spot!

Really liked her jump, and she helped take me back into riding after a few long months off for school…Well, more like maybe a year even? Now she is a riding school pony (still) with my former trainer, who has had her for years now. Man, I so wanted to buy her when I left school (she was $4,500) but I could’t afford to! Well, I’m glad she is still around and doing well as a school pony!




Throwback Thursday: Bear Hill with Countess

Yep, taking us all the way back to university years! I started riding at Bear Hill when I was in second year, and bussed out to every lesson on Saturdays.

I started off riding Countess- this was our first lesson together. My then-boyfriend Ian, now husband, used to come watch and take videos. Wish I had that luxury again, haha. But I do like being able to ride a LOT more and own my own horse, and car.

I rode with Kathy Harrison, who was a very enjoyable instructor. I used to be late fairly often due to the buses (they were NEVER on time) and I think it used to really bug her, haha.

I ended up switching horses- to Lucy- who was my absolute favourite. I don’t think I ever quite clicked with another horse like I did with her. She ended up getting sold when Bear Hill shut down, and I moved to Ambleside. Kathy bought her, and now she teaches other students at Kathy’s place.

It’s funny to look back at my videos and see how I have both improved and not improved! Riding is such a weird sport for that.


Throwback Thursday & a Week of Mr. Oats

Throwback Thursday & a Week of Mr. Oats

Here’s me and Lucy again, it looks like it’s time stamped for July 15, 2006. Loved that girl! She was such a lovely ride. We enjoyed our time together at Bear Hill very much.

Now on to my current beast…Hah I can barely remember my rides from the weekend, but they were pretty good I think…

Saturday– Flatwork with Oats, as we rode during a beginner’s riding lesson. I was expecting to feel bored by it, but in my work with Oats getting increased contact, our flat rides have actually felt HARD. They are physically a LOT of work!? What the heck? No horse-shaped balloon here. We did transitions on a circle; trot-canter-walk-trot-canter-walk. And it was tough!

Sunday– Hmmm now I really can’t remember… Oh wait, I wanted husband to take some pics or a video, and promptly rode Oats over a few small fences set up (haybales, x-rails, and a few verticals 2′) and he was great! We even trotted a small 2′ oxer! And no husband…So, no pics. He came down to the arena as we were cooling out. Booo!

Tuesday– More flatwork on a circle. Transition, some nice canter work that felt pretty connected. Trotted a vertical. Oats had a lovely canter.

Wednesday– Group lesson with Sarah and Donato. Yay! Oats was a tad cranky at Donato (who is this monster running up behind me???) but he can deal with. I was very proud of our canter work- over the ‘death circle’ of poles that foiled us many times in the past in the summer. Our canter has gotten SO much better, it felt great! We moved on to trotting, then cantering a crossrail, then working over a small course of 4 or so jumps. It was great! Donato was a very fancy jumper, just a bit quick.

So that’s our week in an nutshell. Taking today off (I do usually ride Thursdays) because I am going to a Mounties concert! YEAH!!!


Blast from the Past: Lucy at Bear Hill

I know it’s a day late for Throwback Thursday, but I finally uploaded a bunch of old videos from my time riding at Bear Hill (before it shut down in 2006 or 2007?)

Most of these videos are from around 2005-2006. I loved riding Lucy, she was such a special girl.

It’s amusing to go back and watch these. I feel like I have improved- haven’t I?

So–Funny Friday happened yesterday and today is Throwback Thursday. We’re all topsy-turvy!