Thankful for…

At the tail-end of the grouchiest week in recent history, I’m reminded that this Thanksgiving I am grateful for many things- not just a laundry list of recent complaints, as I’ve been ranting about this week.

Today, I’ve been trying to keep a lid on my ”I HATE doing this” to moderate success, so I am going to chalk that up to a win, and hope I can keep my hair on for the rest of the day.

Not that my day has been particularly motivating or I have accomplished much–nope, not today. I tried though, but as it turns out, a week of hell nears burnout city by Friday. Oh well, a long weekend is just what the dr. ordered.

So, I’m thankful for a bunch of things–

My lesson with Oats went really well last night, even though we completely demolished a crossrail when Oats decided he didn’t have to actually jump from a trot- I did warn Nicole but she laughed at me. Well, who’s laughing now when she had to pick up the whole freaking jump and put it back together! Haha. It went much more smoothly at the canter. We worked on a fairly simple exercise and I didn’t worry about the jump heights (low) which is a nice change. Oats is a good pony.

I have a job. Leaving it at this point right now…

Husband– always around for a good time! A great cook and not shabby baker either.

Pretty much never happens.

Pretty much never happens.

Buster Bunny, the Rabbit- looks cool wearing shades while also being the surliest rabbit in the city.

Hipster Buster

Hipster Buster

Gidget- I like to call her the ‘world’s most annoying dog’ but all she wants to do is cuddle on the couch. What is so wrong with that?

Please don't leave me.

Please don’t leave me.

Running– I’m happy with what I have been able to achieve, lucky me! My calf injury is clearing up too.

Looking relatively fresh at the finish...Photo courtesy of MEC.

Looking relatively fresh at the finish…Photo courtesy of MEC.

Parents/family– They exist and sometime exist to annoy me. But hey, they seem to always have my back.

Christmas with the family

Christmas with the family

Friends– I am going to watch a friend run his second marathon on Sunday. I’m so impressed by that- and I also think he is crazy- but I’m proud of him. Also my other friend who is going in on making ciders with me–a few years in the making but it’s happening!! YESSS!



Health– Not always a guarantee given how much complaining I have been doing about my out of control allergies lately, but on the whole, I am fortunate.

Good food– I love lots of food as evidenced in my post yesterday. Yum!!

Pick everything!

Pick everything!

And that’s it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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