Throwback Thursday- Sans Souci riding camp

Throwback Thursday- Sans Souci riding camp

Yep, this is me from when I was 13 or 14? Jumping a horse at riding camp- Sans Souci.

This camp was a real highlight from when I was a kid, and at this camp, EVERYONE wanted to jump this one jump in the ‘hunt field’ and on my second year, I got to jump Picasso over it. Fun times! Looking at it now, it looks huge! What was I thinking? HAha.

I also rode at a camp called ‘the Horse People’ in Wendover ON, and I was sad to hear it shut down sometime in 2011 or so? It was quite expensive, a decently fun camp, but I still think Sans Souci was better. The Horse People tended to play the ‘money game’ a bit too well, if you get my drift.

Still, I heard there was a bit of a scandal when it closed down and rumours abounded that the owners (Bev and Wolfe) got scammed out of a large sum of money. That is very sad to hear, as I thought they would have The Horse People forever.

Here is a link to Sans Souci, which seems to be running as fine as always-

Fond memories of blasting through X-C fences, wild pony days (god, I would pay good money to see those videos of when we jumped them over ‘challenging’ showjumps, and I literally fell off three or four times?)

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