Friday Funny- random

Friday Funny- random

Loved this!

Rode Oats yesterday, I am also batting a very fast-moving cold so I wanted to keep it short-ish. He was great! We worked on 10 steps trot, 10 steps canter (going large for the right, our tough side).

We also trotted and then cantered a crossrail on the diagonal, and then cantered a crossrail to oxer that was part of a gymnastic but then lined up pretttyyy nicely for a good broken line. At least it did in my mind, Oats was a little like WTF?

I kind of wanted to jump through the gymnastic, but it was set a bit long for us (prob would have been good if we cantered in) but nobody was out with me, so not risking it.

He was good!

Wed I had a lesson, and I was feeling a bit burned out of dressage, so we worked on some transitions, and then moved on to small jumps. We built up a good, big canter and cantered a crossrail, to a crossrail on the diagonal, back to trot, leg-yield trot to the wall. Then back to canter, canter the crossrail the other direction, canter a small vertical, and the back to trot and leg-yield back over.

Fun! We then cooled out doing some nose-to-wall leg yields (confusing for Oats) and steps towards turn on forehand (also mildly confusing for Oats.) Whip sideways? Step back and keep backing? Throw head around? So many decisions! So many of them wrong!!! HAHa.

Fun times!

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