A little bit of Christmas spirit?

It’s not a secret that I find the holiday season very difficult and I am usually in the WORST mood before Xmas. Ugh, I just find it very depressing, phoney and fake and this is partly due to work usually blowing up in my face right before Xmas, and my family being a collection of nutbars…

r/a:t5_scdhm - Dashing through the NO!

But I take steps to combat this!

Chiefly by making things I like to do a priority and giving back to my friends, who have had hard years themselves. I also make sure to take time OFF at Xmas, so I don’t poison everyone around me with my horrible mood, lol. (Plus it’s just easier on my mental health if I am not slowly being ground down by work at the same time, so a win-win).

This year we have already been to one Xmas party and we had a BLAST!! Omg it was so fun- at my husband’s work. We made ornaments, enjoyed amazing food (an entire seacuterie!!) and danced and sang karaoke 🙂

And then last weekend we made and decorated cookies as gifts for my friends and trainers 🙂

So who’s been naughty or nice??

This weekend we got a tree! We also watched the Jon and Roy Christmas revue and it was really good, wow it was LONG lol we didn’t get home until after 11pm on Friday!

I also invited a friend/former colleague out to see Oats and have a pony ride and she came on Saturday and they were so good together, makes my heart proud to see people enjoying my pony too!

A nice day!

Soooo bad mood at Xmas or not, I am trying to make the best of things and I am on the home stretch- 2 DAAAYSSS!!! Let’s do it!

Curious about the new Fruitcake Frapp? Check out my review!

Fresh off the press today, I got one of the drinks and without further ado…Here is my take on it:


Fruitcake Frapp wearing a cute sweater.

Visually it is quite unappealing, except for the cute sweater that it is wearing. Something about green on top is a real turnoff for people.

The whipped cream adds nothing- quite literally tastes like oil-fluff?, the caramel sauce on top is nice, the green matcha also adds nothing.

The drink itself? Actually pretty good! I got it half-sweet, a light hazelnut mixed with very fruit-forward flavours. It does have a ‘baked goods’ slightly spicy zing to it, and if you hate raisins/craisins NOT the drink for you as it can be a bit chewy. Overall quite yummy and a very pleasant drink! Would I buy it again? Nope. That means having to go back to Starbucks.

But if you are so inclined, do try this one- it’s very unique and a fun seasonal drink.