Let’s talk fitness: What do you do?

Let's talk fitness: What do you do?

Here’s Oats and I from a few weekends ago (yes be jealous that we can and do ride outside!) We were doing a little drop fence for fun, and I think Oats really got into it! Nope, no x-c for this girl- but I do enjoy my playtime!

So, fitness. I was struggling with the idea of this, on the weekend. How much is too much? Too little? Like my riding time, I sometimes go overboard on working out, or how hard I push myself- or sometimes not hard enough.

So, what does my week look like?

Monday– I don’t ride Mondays, so Oats gets the day off. I walk to work (2k), and work out for 30-35 minutes at the gym at work. Normally I do the stair-steppers for cardio, and then crunches/sit-ups – 100, and about 40 push-ups. I also use a foam roller to deal with my knee issues from running.
I then walk home (2k) and then take the dog out for a quick run- 30 minutes.

Tuesday– Riding day! I walk to work- 2k, workout for 30 minutes- running on the treadmill, and then use the weight machines. Walk home- 2k, take dog for quick walk, then off to the barn.

Wednesday– Lesson day! Walk to work- 2k, workout at the gym- 30 minutes- back to stair steppers and then yoga ball exercises, or crunches/hand weights. Walk home- 2k, take dog out, and then off to have a riding lesson.

Thursday– Riding again! Walk to work- 2k, workout at work- normally treadmill again, and then a mix of crunches/sit-ups and stretches. Walk home- 2k, and take dog out, and then go riding.

Friday– Easy day, no riding. Oats has Fridays off normally, and I sometimes leave Friday off my gym schedule as well, depending on if I had to work through any lunches. I walk to work- 2k, and run errands at lunch. Walk home- 2k, and take dog for a run- 30 minutes. Then watch a movie, have dinner and drink wine!

Saturday– Riding! Sometimes I do go for a light run or small hike as well.

Sunday– Running and riding. Running I try to stick to a 7k or thereabouts distance, and then go home and have a huge brunch, and then go riding. When I get home from that, I’m usually pretty sweaty and tired. Riding is sometimes much shorter on Sundays!

So, what does it sound like to you- good? Room for more? Less? I did a workout class last year on Wednesdays added onto my schedule and really noticed a difference. Maybe I should have started that back up again…Although it does conflict with my lesson times on Wednesdays now.