Weekend Wrap-up: The Great Detachment?

Had a nice weekend, actually. Nothing much got done, but nothing much went wrong either, so I’m gonna say it’s a win!

Weather was good, times were fine with Oats. My husband and I went for a short jog Friday night before dinner, which was ok, but I have trouble really getting in the ‘groove’ per se on runs around 5k.


A spunkier Oats on the weekend. Photo courtesy of Hannah R.

Saturday I hauled myself out to the barn, and galloped Oats over some fences! (I’m starting to see a theme for the outdoor ring= jumping only…) and it was FUN! I headed home and changed into my run clothes, and jogged out to the ocean and back for a fairly reasonable 12k.

We went to go see a pretty good movie, ‘the Green Room’ Saturday night. I liked it, a tough, gritty and extremely violent flick. Well done in a very spare, tight and concise style. Nothing wasted with that movie.


We don’t have these crazy things anymore, too bad!

Sunday I was up and at the barn, and Oats was being a total prick. He was soooo up, and neighing frantically- a new horse came to the barn and his routine was being disrupted!! He rode ok, we galloped over some small fences again, and then I worked on some flatwork. I quickly learned that jumping= yay! Flatwork in the outdoor arena= sucks! Yikes, his balance was off, he was heavy on the forehand, dragging me down a bit, and breaking into trot (due to the balance issue). UGH. This again…

Well, something to work on I suppose. The jumping is just so much more fun!

It was HOT, well for us, here? Like 23 deg!? We were both soo sweaty by the end! I hosed him off, and he did his jerk move of trying to run out of the cross-ties…Lovely. I can’t believe he was doing that again. Jeesh.

After finishing up at the barn, I met my husband to check out an open house (liked it, but for the third attempt to put an offer in that will probably go nowhere, I’m not holding my freaking breath…) and then we drove to the beach for some sand time!

It was really nice, but the wind was super chilly. Husband still got sunburned though, whoops! Later at home we put back on the runners and did 5k worth of hills- 4 hills I run twice, for a total of 8 tries. It was pretty hot…and I recovered by drinking a beer when I got home. Ha..

So, a good but nonsignificant weekend. That’s ok though!

Hot days hacking

It’s been unusually warm here- like 20+ degrees for April! It’s crazy! While it didn’t feel too warm at the show, it has been warming up steadily this week. I rode Oats on Monday for some very light hacking- I ran hills after work before going to the barn and it was so horrible that I was just exhausted by the time I got to ride. My ride was quite lackluster, Oats was draggy and tired, I was sleepwalking practically.


Not quite in the outdoor yet, but an example of Oats charging…

I walked him around in the outdoor- it’s not quite open yet- so he could catch the sights early. That felt like all I was capable of after our walk-trot-canter warm-up indoors.

Tuesday I typically have my dressage lesson but I do it every other week now due to finances (it’s NOT cheap to do lessons twice a week..it’s awesome but so much money). This was my week off. Which is totally fine!

I used the time to have a very tough and moderately productive dressage school. I worked on balance at the canter – Oats was hot and kind of tired, which equals CHARGE at the canter and drag me around the corners…Not what I was expecting or wanting, but hey…We can work with it.

He was literally ramping up through the long side and buffaloing me around the corners. Interesting for old Oats! We got a great forward trot and then canter, well, it was a work in progress. I ended the canter work when we got a lovely right lead transition, and I felt like I could really ‘sit’ in him and go with it.

It was SO dusty in the indoor though. I still have black stuff coming out of my nose today! YUCK. Oats was coughing and sneezing and my eyes felt so gritty. Ick. Oats was very sweaty, and a combination of sweaty+shedding= gross hairy mess of a pony.

We wrapped up with some pretty reasonable leg-yielding, which Oats fussed a little but but got over very quickly. A good, challenging workout for us.

Enjoying this beautiful weather!!

Spring has sprung at the farm~

So, not only did I run this weekend up Island, but I had a great opportunity to stay with my in-laws, who have a lovely farm about 45 minutes up Island from us.

They have so many animals, and baby animals right now! Lambs, bunnies, chicks- love it~



So, I rode Oats on Saturday and my husband was able to get some pics and a video  (that showed Oats VERY behind my leg, arghhh) but we did get a very smooth, lovely left-lead two-point canter, and then we packed up the dog and headed to the farm!

Saturday riding

Saturday riding

(Oats then had Sunday and Monday off while I recovered from the run, and I rode him last night- cancelled my dressage lesson because I had an inkling it would be very unpleasant on my legs…Smart move, as I was still a bit sore).

And we spent a really nice time at the farm. We had lunch, hot-tubbed, cruised around checking out the lambs, and even picked Bracken fern fiddleheads to cook at dinner. Apparently they are poisonous if you don’t cook them correctly, with oxalates much like rhubarb leaves, so we had to blanch them, them steam them. They taste a lot like asparagus mixed with aniseed. Interesting, but not sure if I will seek them out again.

Bracken fern fiddleheads

Bracken fern fiddleheads

We had a really nice time, and the little lamby-kins are so cute! His parents are very generous, treating us to dinner whenever we make the trek up, and dog-sitting for us on a pretty regular basis. Gidget can be a little jerk at the farm though, barking, chasing sheep, getting dirty, and being a VERY restless sleeper (much to our chagrin the night before the run?!! arghh).



Anyways, after a busy weekend it’s good to get on track again. So, I’m riding again tonight, and then we have our jumping lesson on Thursday.