Time owes you nothing

And enough with the running, how is the riding? Pretty darn good! I know my dressage these days is…Not great (that’s what happens when I do it unsupervised, it kind of sucks, ha) but each ride I come off my pony thinking, I’m so lucky to have such a great schoolmaster! 


Oats in his other job- carting my husband back to the barn. 

And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being happy with what you have, the horse you have in this moment of time? Even when it is distinctly non-glamorous work (walk- canter departs yesterday, I have to limit how many I do because it is tiring for Oats).

Yesterday Oats even had a chance to play school pony, for my friend’s adult niece. The young lady had a ride on my friend’s horse and he acted kind of out of character and freaked the niece right out! I was very surprised, this is a horse that I have literally gotten on and like, whaled on him to get him to go! And he’s spooky and acting silly with a beginner rider? Wha?


Such a good boy 🙂

So I offered up good old Mr. Oats for a pony ride! We felt it was important that she have a good experience with a horse, and I offered that Oats is smaller, closer to the ground too 😉 Ian said why would you say that (hahhh) but it makes people feel safer!

So we got her up on Oats, and I just held him still. She teared up! But I said look, it’s ok. He’s not going anywhere. He stood still for a bit, and then we walked around and everything went totally fine 🙂 I said- you’re in charge of the ride, you tell me when you want me to stop. And everything went fine, and no fuss or drama. Yay! What a good boy.

It just gladdens my heart to see him being such a solid little guy. Not only am I enjoying my rides, but others can too.

And on Saturday I worked on the most boring of things, but it seemed to be a little rusty…halt-trot transitions. Yay?? Ha. Oh well! Such is the tedium of the day-to-day eh?

Throwback Thursday: Old man Ardie

This old dude, he was such a nice horse. A bit on the stiff side, and did paddle on occasion, but he was a very nice horse and very frequently got mistaken for a warmblood (just look at him, he’s a giant!). I leased him from his owner when I lived in Burnaby. He lived at the Burnaby equestrian centre, run by the Burnaby Horsemen’s Association. I have very fond memories of that place. They used to host small schooling shows in the spring and fall, I believe? I went to one with Ardie and had a BLAST!


Cantering him was sometimes like riding a washing machine- whoomp side-to-side and not fast at all but he took me to my first high point award in a local hack division and I loved that winning feeling!

Here’s to you, old man! I hear he is now enjoying retirement while his owner works with some younger horses. In his day, he was quite the dressage superstar.

Horse show in Burnaby