So no Oats recaps this week. He is SICK! 😦

I thought he was coughing a lot during my lesson last Thursday. Little did I know…

Saturday I got to the barn and he was full-blown snotty, snot spraying everywhere! On the ground, on my jacket, on his face, chest, legs all accompanied by a lovely cough. So, yeah my horse show (Wild ‘N Wooly Dressage Series) was supposed to be on Sunday. Can’t take a sick horse, Oats now having to have a bunch of days off to recover, as per my vet.

Show’s off.

Or is it?

My friends who were coming with me to the show were so bummed too! What to do? They suggested I borrow my trainer’s schoolmaster Blaze! I pondered that for a hot minute. I wanted to to do the show (on Oats) but I just plain wanted to try it out. I wasn’t going to be able to defer my entries b/c I am racing the next time and in Peru for the time after that!


The talented photographer Sue Ferguson took this photo of us!

So…I asked to borrow Blaze and got a yes!

Now, to ride a dressage show on a horse I have ridden once, in a jump lesson, three years ago. = Success??

HA, sort of!


Horse treats, gummy candies (from the horse show!) AND Reese’s (from Lindsay). They know me so well! 

It was a success in that the day went really well, Blaze was a really good girl and not spooky at all, and we tried our best! We even did the Prix Caprilli (pictured above)! The green-eyed jealousy monster in me wished I had Oats so we could strut our stuff, but I also knew that Blaze and I would be trying our best, and that was good enough for us 🙂

The show was run really well, super smoothly. My friends came and I had a great time chatting and catching up!! My friend on her horse was able to really pull it together after a bit of a shaky first test. I also kind of went off course twice… Apparently the third time is the try, hahahah. I am going to pin that on catch-ride nerves, haha. Or something?

It was a lovely way to experience the show and I am grateful I was able to borrow a horse to go. Now, please get better Oats. I miss riding you and having a purpose to my day!!


Mr. Oats experiments with Prix Caprilli,%20All%20Three%20Tests.pdf

Tests seen here- and woah, they were so COOL!

I forgot I had printed out copies for my trainer to work on (for fun) and she remembered and pulled them out during our lessons, and for her other lessons.

A Prix Caprilli is a dressage test with fences (very small ones) incorporated. So we have a series of dressage shows coming up, and what better way to practice ‘testing’ without riding the actual tests? Use Prix Caprilli and keep things interesting!

We rode the Intro level test- w/t and 2 small cross-rails, and then we rode the 1 Level test- and wow it was one of the crazier tests I have ever ridden…No chance to start obsessing over the fences, it’s all  you can do to keep going! Oats loved it, he didn’t have a single chance to get snarky or pissy with me. He and I were so focused! We definitely screwed up on them, but it was fun to just try it out for fun!

That was Wednesday, and for Thurs, I rode a bit during a lesson, so focused on some flatwork and getting a ‘short’ uphill canter, and when the lesson was over, schooled over some crossrails left over from the Prix Caprilli as a small course- outside line, diagonal, diagonal, diagonal, etc.

He was good, except my straightness really suffered. ARGH. It felt like Oats was saying you can either have ‘pace’ OR you can have ‘straight’…Not both. Oh well! Work to do.