Can’t get enough of myself- dressage update

So I signed up for a dressage show (yes it’s been a few years, yiikes) so I figured in my lesson last night, we should work on some elements of the tests. HUMBLING. Wow.


What Oats would rather be doing. Also, why isn’t it summer anymore here? Godammit!

It was a tough, tough ride and I had to get ‘real’ with Oats, who thought he could outlast me. He was wrong! But I got tired, bigtime haha. He fussed, he fought, he threw a small hissy fit, we had to go back to the walk to confirm him, and then back to trot, then back to walk when he started fussing too much and protesting, then back to trot…rinse, repeat.

It was pretty exhausting, and my hip started to cramp up. I’m noticing more charley-horse leg episodes in my dressage days on Tuesday, likely due to the amount of work I am putting in on my legs from the running/longer run days on the weekend. It shows me that with the increasing amount of physical exertion, I need to adapt and get better about using electrolytes instead of just forgetting and then getting a major charley horse in the middle of my ride, AGAIN.

The last one I had really hurt, and it damaged my leg muscle for over a week! WTF?

Anyways, so the lesson was long, and tough and kind of an ego-killer. But you know, Karen said it was one of the first lessons where I was able to get firm, and fairly tough with Oats, and KEEP doing it. I didn’t give in, get upset (though it was certainly frustrating) I just

So, yeah to sum up dressage= very hard and tiring and now what am I doing signing up for a dressage show? So I can show off my mediocre work and lack of progress?

Well, I do want to show off my fancy new dressage boots. So, there’s that!

Oats did get an apple as a treat from my barn friend, which was very nice of her. Also he was offered some really lovely fresh-cut long grass from my other barn friend. Greedy pony gobbled it right up!


A very chilly ride this week & Ponytude

A very chilly ride this week & Ponytude

Well, to go along with my rollercoaster week, it has been absolutely FREEZING here in the balmy West Coast!

We actually reached a record low not met since 1948…A record of -7. Yeah, you are all probably laughing about that, but that is cold for us here. We’re not used to it!

My rides on Oats this week have been short, due to the extreme cold. He has been pretty good if a bit cranky (I will chalk that up to chill rather than to his normal ponytude).

My ankles have also been aching terribly in the cold whenever I try to do two-point. After three days in a row of riding in the chill (in the indoor arena) I am ready for our normal temps of high of 8 and low of 2 to come back! How do people do this??

I cancelled my lesson on Wed (too cold) and rescheduled for tomorrow. Should be good!

Oats is also back in his ‘remedial’ saddle pad with the extra flaps sewn on due to extreme spur rubs given by yours truly. I felt like it was time when he was really surly to ride last week- yeah I know he can be a jerk on the best of days- but he felt like a bit of a caged tiger to ride!

So, on go the flaps to deal with it, and his attitude was much improved, haha. He no longer felt like, “Oh yeah, you’re asking me to DO WHAT?”…haha with a small buck, angry tail swish or small rear!

So we are back to status quo, which is a relatively happier Oats doing mostly what I say. Phew!!

We are also anticipating signing up for a dressage test at QMS for March 1/2. I am thinking maybe Training level 1&2.

And we are still doing our small jumps every ride, every time. It’s going well so far!