Bath & Body- Crafty time~

Not only do I love riding, like running and being active, but I love crafts. Normally my crafts involve glue guns but I have been maturing in my skills…

So, earlier in the season I experimented with lip balms. I made peppermint ones and they were a success!

Now I’m combining my lip balm skills and adding in a lip scrub, so now people (friends, family, loved ones) can not only have a nice pepperminty lip balm but also a smoothing scrub to start things off!

Bubblegum lip scrubs and lip balms

Bubblegum lip scrubs and lip balms

This makes great little gifty things for Christmas.

I call my lip scrubs ‘Bubblegum’ lip scrubs and dyed them pink!

It’s so easy:

  • I used 1/2 cup white sugar,
  • 1 drop pink food dye,
  • 1 tsp vanilla (white),
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil, and
  • 1 tsp cocoa butter (melted).

Mix the whole shebang together, add your pink food dye, and voila! Bubblegum lip scrub. Parcel it out into cute little containers. I used jam jars, with the labels removed and the lids spray-painted blue. Just boil them first!



This also feels super nice on your hands, if you want to make a bigger batch to use as a really nice gelato-type of hand scrub.

Next up- I am going to try my hand at making a peppermint foot scrub with salts. Should be good!

Nailed it!

So, some Pinterest-worthy fails…Courtesy of yours truly, my mom and my sister. Don’t worry, we did make more (actually, my mom did WITHOUT my sister helping OR me) and they turned out way better. Photos of that to come!

Macaron, oh those sweet little pillows of delicious ground almond. So tricky though. Why did these fail? WELL…
We used was paper instead of parchment. Bad idea. As you can see, they got stuck.

We didn’t mix the egg whites for long enough before adding in the ‘superfine’ sugar.

Oh and we didn’t have superfine sugar and tried to substitute confectioner’s sugar. It did NOT work.

So, HAHAHA…Fail, Pinterest-worthy. These were just dyed blue, we made them in vanilla flavour. Tasty though! But the better ones tasted fluffier. Yummm