Gidget goes blue!


At first she was purple.

Yep, she’s been purple, and now a very light blue. I bought the semi-permanent dye for myself but it didn’t take- at all- so it worked out really nicely for her.


And now she’s blue!

It’s super temporary and fades quickly, within the week. I do dye her tail very carefully, and monitor the dye to make sure it doesn’t get near any other parts of her. Safety first~

12308020_10100479418274956_2246264312109396412_o (1)

A very excited Gidget!!

I did this last week when I had a bit of energy and was thinking about showering soon anyways…Why these are related, you’re asking? Well, when Gidget gets her hair done, she showers with me too! Ha, waste note want not, people!

Rode Oats last night and he was pretty good, a bit resistant to bend as I think he was quite convinced he was just going to be jumping, and forget this dressage nonsense anyways…Nope! Jokes on you, Oats, we’re doing flatwork. Ok, a few small jumps for fun, but mostly flat.

Trying to catch my dressage lesson tonight as I’ve had to miss them on and off for various reasons.

Met the new horse last night too, he is a giant! 17.2hh? Ryleien or something like that…They were jumping quite a big jump that I’m sure Oats could fit inside!