Throwback Thursday- Showing as a teenager

Throwback Thursday- Showing as a teenager

Here I am with Wynbrook Denver, an absolute saint of a pony.

He was an absolute machine at horse shows, and we cleaned up the one year we rode the OVPSC circuit together. I loved riding him and he was so perfect.

The show circuit was a lower level (bronze I believe?) circuit. They hosted a number of shows, 7 I think, throughout the summer. Now it has grown to about 15 or 16 shows, one every weekend from May- onward. Crazy eh?

This horse show was the Fall Triple Crown at Ashlands. Denver and I were hunter champions at this show. He even won me a trophy once! I kind of miss having that kind of success at shows, even though I never owned Denver and face very different challenges with good ol’ Mr. Oats…It’s different having your own horse invested in showing. There seems to be a bigger stranglehold of ‘must be successful’ rather than when I was just leasing.

Ha, though I was EXTREMELY competitive as a child/teenager. I think that part has gotten better? I want to enjoy the process more, rather than the ribbons and successes.

I also went on to lease another horse who did really well at shows- her name was Hope. Show name was C’est la Vie. I will have to dig up an old photo of her.