A plant-based extravaganza with House of Boateng and YAM!

Ian and I were incredibly fortunate to win a fantastic 10-course tasting experience with Chef Castro at House of Boateng, thanks to YAM Magazine!

A great event!

It was a few weeks ago, but things have been SUUUPER nuts lately, so only now I am able to sit down and write all about it- it was lovely!

I bought us a few drinks (glasses of wine, that we both turned out to be incredibly allergic to unfortunately and made for a very challenging next day, ugh) and the dinner was set!

We started with a simple riff on caprese salad with tomatoes, and moved on to a tasty soup (was supposed to be served chilled, but it was served warm- which I was thankful for, I was absolutely FREEZING for the night, hah).

Roasted chilled white beets were good, but I was kind of getting concerned…so small…and I was so hungry!

The jalapeno that was stuffed was hilarious- apparently there is a lot of variability, mine was fine so I chowed down, while almost everyone sitting at the long table with us was freaking out it was so hot!! HAHAH.

The mushroom wrap was lovely, kind of like a green taco?

And who doesn’t like a hot dog (vegan!)

The squash noodles were lovely as well…

But the real standouts were the roasted white yam- AMAZING and complex flavours. Fantastic! A depth I never thought was possible with plant based!

And so was the finale- the King Oyster mushroom- very steak-like, tons of umami flavour. Delish!

Dessert was hilarious- literally carrots?! Not sweet at all- but worked with the cashew cream and balanced the sweet meringue nicely. A great way to end the (super long, omg we got home after 11am!) night. 🙂

Am I now a plant-based convert? Nope. It was very fun and an amazing way to try a huge variety of chef-specialties, but I did find myself missing the mouthfeel of cheese or meat. I did think the menu ‘built up’ better in vegan than meat-based, but it also leaves you hungrier, hah. We had to definitely eat all of the 10 courses to feel full.

Thank you to Chef Castro and YAM- amazing opportunity!!

Join the supper club: The Boateng House fine dining experience!

My mom won a contest offered by the Langford community bimonthly magazine, ‘GoWest Langford’ for a long-table format five-course fine dining extravaganza. She invited me and we went on Friday.

In short: It was INCREDIBLE~ The food was amazing, the community atmosphere, and chef Castro and his fellow chef were friendly and outgoing. We had a lovely time.

Without further ado, on to the food:


African pulled pork.

We had a few appetizers, consisting of Beef Wellington (delicious!), salmon tartare in a cone, melt-in-your-mouth, a soup spoon of smoked eggplant ratatouille, tasted just like baba ghanouj, and ‘African sushi’ that was lighly spiced pulled pork in a sushi wrapping. Divine!


Mini Beef Wellingtons

Next up was our bread-and-butter course. The butters were spruce tip, plain butter and orange butter- sooooo good. Fresh bread too, yummm! We didn’t want to eat too much of it, because the salad course was up! Salad was lovely, fresh spring greens (mesclun maybe?) with a large beet slice and a generous dollop of goat cheese. Divine!


A very nice salad.

And then we were on to the soup course, and it was a showstopper- lobster bisque with two very healthy-sized scallops and shaved radish on top. It was amazing.


Lobster bisque…And you can see the scallop I took a bite out of! 

Next was the main- rack of lamb (perfectly done, meaty and well rounded flavours) resting on a bed of large pearled couscous, accompanied by roasted root vegetables. It was a delight!


Rack of lamb with pearled couscous, root vegetables.

Finally for dessert, we had chocolate mousse with a caramelized sugar curl on top and cooked pear shavings and minted whipping cream. Divine! We had an amazing time, and the food, company and chef were a true delight. I would recommend this style of eating- and chef- to anyone for a luxurious and amazing evening out.


Chocolate mousse, with pear and minted cream.