Throwback Thursday: Sooke Saddle Club Dressage

Yes, this was us at our very first dressage show last May! 

I guess this is a sort of throwback too? Funny how we had just started dressage last year. We did W/T HCBC tests and then in the fall moved up to Training…And then hit a big speedbump (bucking) in the spring, and kind of gave up dressage after that. (Or gave up dressage shows, not sure exactly where I am with that right now).


Then again, I am sensing a common theme here…Going well, don’t push any buttons, and then BLAM! Buttons get pushed! It gets ugly! Back outta there!


The learning process continues…

Had a nice, very FORWARD ride yesterday on Oats, and then hacked in the field to cool out. I thought he was being a bit of a drama queen tossing his head with the flies, until I hopped off to get the gate, and his poor eyes were covered in flies! Oops sorry Oats! 


Oats does Dressage

In these grey days, it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on how fun the summer was, and how successful!

This video is from Oats and my first dressage debut- doing walk/trot dressage at the Sooke Saddle Club’s show’n’ tell.

It was really fun, and I found the gang at Sooke Saddle Club very supportive and nice. The judges were hilarious and kind, and Oats and I had a very positive experience.

I came out of that day feeling like, you know what? Maybe we COULD do dressage- and not suck at it completely!

And we were right! I did two more dressage schooling shows- 1 more SSC show’n’ tell and 1 show at QMS, and I never came out of the ring feeling like I sucked.

So maybe there is something to this dressage world eh? My husband was very pleased with the fact that dressage offers times- so you show up at your appointed time, and when you’re done, you go home. No standing around waiting for hours like at my hunter shows. Haha.

I liked how I did feel like I was progressing, and progressing at a pretty good rate. When I am jumping, it can feel really difficult to ‘measure’ how well I am doing, as nerves tend to get in the way, and unfortunately measuring success via jump heights is a losing game…

We did our first show at QMS cantering the dressage tests, and scored well within what we had been scoring all summer. So that told me that our performance had been consistent, and nobody was necessarily giving ‘gimmies’ or overly-generous (yes that is a fear of mine, strangely!).

Here’s to more dressage days!