An important part of racing is rest.


Wish it was summer and we were enjoying the good life…Oats takes his rest very seriously.

Now I just need to tattoo that to my forehead, backwards, so I can learn my lessons haha. I am on the opposite spectrum of most – taking it ‘easy’ or days off can be very psychologically challenging for me. Therefore, the week before a race is often fraught with worries about lagging, feeling heavy or slow.

I make an attempt to scale back the week before in a big way.

What does this look like this week? Well things vary, but ideally…

  • Monday- light gym workout with pushups/stretching.
  • Monday night- like, a 15 minute ride on Oats haha. I was tired!
  • Tuesday- Not running to work this week! No treadmill run at the gym and light stretching only, with my rehab exercises.
  • Tuesday night- No dressage lesson. Light ride on Oats.
  • Wed – Not running to work, and I might do some weight machine work with stretching/rehab.
  • Wed night- day off riding! Bathroom cleaning and TV watching night.
  • Thursday- Day off working out and going out for lunch. Go me! I almost never do this. As a creature of habit, it makes me feel uncomfortable when I deviate from my routines.
  • Thursday night- jump lesson!
  • Friday- Light barbells work with stretching/rehab exercises. No squats/cardio warmups. 5k total jog to Dr’s office for foot treatments in the AM.
  • Friday night- drinking wine 😉 Day off riding.
  • Saturday- Light ride on Oats, and no hills or any other runs.
  • Saturday night- no wine. Boo!

So that’s my plan and I am sticking to it!

Superwoman and Wonder Dog

Twice at the gym I’ve had compliments comparing me to Supergirl, and Superwoman. By two separate gym regulars. Funny eh? Apparently they see something in me that makes them think I am made of iron?!


Photo courtesy of MEC Victoria–I love this shot!

I was very flattered, both times, because most days I do not feel like Superwoman or anything like that. Yesterday was one of those times. I had an ‘ok’ work out at the gym, but have been feeling tired, draggy and a bit weaker than I normally feel. This translates to slower treadmill sprints, struggling to do pushups (10 reps instead of 15 or 20), not being able to shoulder-press 40 lbs, only 30lbs and it feels HARD…you get the picture.

I was also yawning the whole time. I am officially a gym boor.

I took last night off riding because Oats had two quite challenging lessons in a row, and I rode Monday as well, and let’s face it–I was tired, he was tired. Instead, I was planning on running a few kms from my house, and baking a bit (pumpkin scones!). A nice night, some relaxing, nothing big.


This is actually the duffel bag it got lost in! 


Next week we are going to Crab Fest in Port Angeles (yay!!) and I kept forgetting to dig out my passport. A colleague kindly agreed to text me a reminder for when I got home, so I could look for it. She texted me, I went to search for my passport right away, and …it was not there. EEEK. I immediately started freaking out.

In between coming back from Brazil, and moving, where did my passport go? Shit.shit shit. I had no idea where it was, things were not looking good. So we tore apart the house frantically searching. No luck. I started moping and crabbing, and we looked at options to cancel the trip. It was a dark time.

Because I was raging out, I decided I needed to get on my feet for a bit and get in that run I was planning to do. It was tough, I was feeling immensely cranky, surly and mad at myself. It did give me a bit of a clearer head, and I saw some beautiful sights- a parasailer going off the cliff to the ocean, in the sunset. So gorgeous.

I got home, still feeling pissed off, and was getting changed in the laziest way possible- in my walk-in closet. There I saw a big suitcase I had ripped through, that had a duffel bag in it. I figured, why the hell not, and I picked up the duffel bag and couldn’t open the pockets. I left that one, and opened the next pocket- BINGO!!!! All is saved! The trip is back on!

Apparently I had used the duffel bag to pack my clothes, and with them, my passport. I had unpacked my clothes and forgotten all about the passport when I moved. AH….

Supergirl loses her mind over a lost passport. It was bound to happen someday! Hahahah.

(Can you feel how glad I am it is Friday? I have my saddle fit appointment bright and early tomorrow morning too. Things are working out!).

I still think that the passport search had to happen in that distinct way, with the frustration, the run to work it out, and then the triumphant finding. Funny!


Learning to appreciate


I was at the gym at lunch today (work has a fabulous gym, good treadmills, TV’s that mostly work and lots of equipment that is in good condition) and I was kind of feeling grouchy about ‘having to’ workout at lunch.

I was feeling kind of blah, draggy – end of week blues- and not exactly looking forward to lifting some weights. I’ve been yawning a lot in the gym this week, the weather has been mediocre to outright bad, and I blame not running for most of it. Cardio tends to jazz me up and I’m not relying on it this week, as I am trying to save my legs (perhaps unsuccessfully, given how much I have been riding lately!).

But then when I was looking at myself in the mirror, with my hand-weights, I realized something: Man, I am SO LUCKY I get to do this at all. Lift weights. See a measurable difference in my body. Go to the gym at lunch. Work out, push myself. Run races. Ride horses. So fortunate!

This, coming on the heels of a pretty shitty ride on Oats last night. I let my ego get the best of me, and the ride flip-flopped between ‘good’ and ‘a fight’ where I was unreasonable, edgy and frustrated with him and myself. I hate those rides, and I often say I need a witness or an audience, to help me be better to myself and more forgiving with my horse. SIGH. Why do I always learn that lesson the hard way? The only thing I am happy with is how great my lessons were this week- two of ’em! And they rocked! And that these instances of frustration/edginess/anxiety/tension/anger are getting further and fewer apart. One day, I might not have them come up at all.

Until then…I can be very glad with what I have. And what I have the opportunity to do! My pony is a babysitter, he took great care of me in my jump lesson and he is a very forgiving sort. I need to be the same.

I also have a great physical body that is showing me every time I push myself how much I can do. Wow! It’s crazy! I enjoy seeing photos of myself in my athletic endeavours, because a few years ago I would never even dream of doing the stuff I do now. I love it.


Let’s talk fitness: What do you do?

Let's talk fitness: What do you do?

Here’s Oats and I from a few weekends ago (yes be jealous that we can and do ride outside!) We were doing a little drop fence for fun, and I think Oats really got into it! Nope, no x-c for this girl- but I do enjoy my playtime!

So, fitness. I was struggling with the idea of this, on the weekend. How much is too much? Too little? Like my riding time, I sometimes go overboard on working out, or how hard I push myself- or sometimes not hard enough.

So, what does my week look like?

Monday– I don’t ride Mondays, so Oats gets the day off. I walk to work (2k), and work out for 30-35 minutes at the gym at work. Normally I do the stair-steppers for cardio, and then crunches/sit-ups – 100, and about 40 push-ups. I also use a foam roller to deal with my knee issues from running.
I then walk home (2k) and then take the dog out for a quick run- 30 minutes.

Tuesday– Riding day! I walk to work- 2k, workout for 30 minutes- running on the treadmill, and then use the weight machines. Walk home- 2k, take dog for quick walk, then off to the barn.

Wednesday– Lesson day! Walk to work- 2k, workout at the gym- 30 minutes- back to stair steppers and then yoga ball exercises, or crunches/hand weights. Walk home- 2k, take dog out, and then off to have a riding lesson.

Thursday– Riding again! Walk to work- 2k, workout at work- normally treadmill again, and then a mix of crunches/sit-ups and stretches. Walk home- 2k, and take dog out, and then go riding.

Friday– Easy day, no riding. Oats has Fridays off normally, and I sometimes leave Friday off my gym schedule as well, depending on if I had to work through any lunches. I walk to work- 2k, and run errands at lunch. Walk home- 2k, and take dog for a run- 30 minutes. Then watch a movie, have dinner and drink wine!

Saturday– Riding! Sometimes I do go for a light run or small hike as well.

Sunday– Running and riding. Running I try to stick to a 7k or thereabouts distance, and then go home and have a huge brunch, and then go riding. When I get home from that, I’m usually pretty sweaty and tired. Riding is sometimes much shorter on Sundays!

So, what does it sound like to you- good? Room for more? Less? I did a workout class last year on Wednesdays added onto my schedule and really noticed a difference. Maybe I should have started that back up again…Although it does conflict with my lesson times on Wednesdays now.