A fun weekend despite it all!

The weather here has been pretty lousy- gale force winds, rainy/drizzly (not super rainy, just cold and grey) and very, very cold for May. Like a high of 12 degrees with insane wind every day. Yay… I am FREEZING in May. Coldest spring yet? Maybe??

But despite that, I had a nice time this weekend, and I wasn’t sure that I would. I have been struggling with the boring, endless stuck at home going nowhere fast cycle with no friends and boy it was really grating on me. I am still quite injured with my two leg stress fractures and it was just EATING at me.

This weekend went great!

I was out at the barn, didn’t have a good ride on Oats on Saturday and it was my fault- it was very chilly and windy and I felt quite on edge. I quit when we got a nice relaxed trot going (Sat is only w/t) and did a very long walk coolout. After our ride, the younger rider at the barn was taking his mini horse out for a cart ride but needed someone to come, and I didn’t have anything else going on so I went! It was really fun 🙂 and great to do something new eh?

Fun!! Go Duffy

We did that, and then I zipped out to Greenhawk to buy Quest (vet is coming on Tuesday for dentist/shots/wormer) and I could get a good deal there rather than by the vet. I also had an ulterior motive- I wanted to stop by the cafe Politano, b/c the had megashakes and I HAD to try it!

Yummy, but I would try something new next time!

So I did!

I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t have any Reese’s Pieces, which was a bummer, but the shake itself was very tasty and boy, was I full afterwards 😉

So all in all, a decent Saturday for a pretty grey, blah month/year.


Equine diet course: Don’t eat like this!

Equine diet course: Don't eat like this!

Photo is a delicious funnel cake I made last year (or the year before?) with a friend. Yumm!

But, it nicely illustrates that a lack of nutrition is causing an obesity/overweight crises in North America and some areas in Europe. Misfed or malnourished no longer seems to refer to skinny or starved horses, instead, our horses are experiencing an obesity crises of their own!

We had the good fortune to have an equine diet course taught last night by Dr. Stephen Duren, who was hilarious and really informative.

He reviewed the basic digestion of the horse, and the most important part of a horse’s diet- forage and movement.

Stalled horses are more prone to digestive issues, including ulcers. Free-moving horses do the best, with quality forage for their environment.

He reviewed the obesity issue with us (human and horse!!) and discussed case studies of what to feed an obese horse that he showed us. We discussed insulin resistance, special case studies, and the differences in oats/hay/grains. It was very interesting.

Then, we had time for a long Q&A that people asked questions about their personal horses, and questions of feeding- like feeding beet pulp, soya hulls, soaking beet pulp, supplements, allergies.

Vancouver Island is an interesting case for hay, as our hay is not good quality at all. The longer the hay grows, the less good it becomes- it is more fibrous which an cause blockage in the intestine, and it has more sugar because it sits in the sun for longer to dry out. It is also a rather unappealing browny-yellow instead of a soft, rich green of nicer hay. We are also deficient in Selenium and Vitamin E, and he is seeing more cases of calcium deficiencies and other minerals as well.

I went to the course right after I had a quick (yes I had my phone with me to keep an eagle eye on the time!) ride. He was great!! Worked on trot 10 steps, canter 10 steps on a circle exercise from the dressage show. It was WAY easier on the left, obvi. We also worked on getting some bangin’ trot. Woo!

I’m glad I went, and I thank Greenhawk for putting this on for us. I really learned a lot and enjoyed the session. Funny and informative!


Friday Funny- Worm Yoga? Oh, it’s ‘Warm’ Yoga. Hm.

Friday Funny- Worm Yoga? Oh, it's 'Warm' Yoga. Hm.

<<strong>Much less interesting!

I misread a sign on the way to work the other day, and it made me laugh so hard!

Also, I love this rabbit photo. It reminds me of a younger Buster Bunny. So cute!

And a quick update on Oats:

Tuesday– He was good, we worked on a bunch of poles, to the skinny bridge, over some small fences. He quickly learned that he could fake me out over the bride because I didn’t put up wings to block him. So, I rode it the other direction-bridge-bending line- pole and it looked sufficiently new, so he couldn’t fake out and pretend to jump it.

Wed– lesson! We worked HARD. Canter poles, lengthen – shorten- normal. Then cantering over a series of poles set at a normal stride length, to a small hay bale jump. We kind of failed at setting up for flying-lead changes, as he wasn’t off my leg enough, arghh.

Thurs– Oats felt surly, like if I made the wrong move, he would buck. So, I tempered my expectations and just hacked around, and wouldn’t you know…He didn’t have a chance to get angry and buck. Did some canter circles, transitions, trotted a cross-rail. He was ok afterward, looked fairly decent. What attitude sometimes though!

Looking forward to the weekend, as I am registered in a sports psych workshop at Greenhawk!