Sweet, simple things

This weekend was a real low-key, quiet time. The weather was sooo nice, finally coming up to the double-digits. The sun was shining, and I didn’t really have to do much of anything. I did keep fairly busy, but I made lots of time to sit around and enjoy myself.


The Chinese Cemetery in Oak Bay. Cool eh?

I rode Oats on Saturday and he was in snooze town. To be fair, I did ride on Friday night as well (and had an intensive dressage lesson on Sunday) so he’s going on a fairly consistent string of rides….

Went on a long run, watched TV and sat on my deck and drank a cider while reading my book. A great day.

Sunday I got to the barn a tad too early and got ready for my dressage lesson with Karen Brain. It’s been awhile in the making (because of Oats’ illness) so it felt good to get back on that train. We worked on some moderate leg yields and then on some horse-body-shaping, which Oats did protest at so we had to move it up to canter, because he was getting VERY bogged down. HA, poor OAts!


I think my real job should be candy purchaser. Or reviewer! 

The day was beyond gorgeous. The only fly in the ointment is the extreme DUST that is taking over the arena. That, combined with a very high pollen count= my eyes, nose, ears and throat are on fire. I was coughing, wanted to gouge my poor swollen eyes out. Can’t stop rubbing them right now. Soooo itchy! ARGH.

We enjoyed our lesson despite the extreme dust and the sunshine just make it so lovely. I got changed into shorts (I know! shorts!!) and ran some hills on my way home from the barn.

We then went and took some photos of the Chinese Cemetery at Oak Bay. A very unique place!

I wish the weekends could last forever….

Oktoberfest at the Victoria Public Market

Last year we went to Stein & Dine at the Victoria Public Market and had a blast! It was a lot cheaper last year ($35/tix) and this year the price practically doubled 😦 at $50/tix but we went anyways and it was still a really fun time!

There were beers, ciders, the world’s smallest sausage- a micro-sausage? And fairly reasonable portions of pork schnitzel. I enjoyed ciders from Spinnakers (the pear cider was ok but boring, the raspberry-apple was great) and a Pumpkinhead beer from Fernie Brewing Company.

Our friends came and we all really liked this year’s entertainment- it was definitely beefed up from last year. The German dancers did the traditional log-cutting dance, the slap-dance, and this crazy move where they linked arms and swung these more petite German female folk dancers in this insane centrifugal force move. It was nuts! And VERY popular!


Not a late night but certainly a fun one!

Saturday I went to see how Oats was doing, and his nose had completely cleared up, though he still had a cough…He was quite lethargic though, and maybe I will chalk that a bit up to it being unusually warm out for October- it’s been 19-20 degrees everyday! Isn’t that crazy! I rode a little, nothing too much just to feel him out a bit.

Sunday, I went back and Oats had a lot more energy. I noticed that the evening feeder had both not seen my note on the dry-erase board about Oats having his dinner grain already in the feed bucket (it was his last day of meds, and I wanted to make SURE he got the right baggie of grain) and also didn’t look inside his grain bucket when she was feeding…So he got double-dinners that night.

I was kind of annoyed but I bet Oats was NOT complaining!

He had a lot of energy on Sunday. Tons! He still had a cough, but he was zipping around like his tail was on fire. We cruised over a few of the jumps set up in the outdoor a bunch of times, five max I believe, and did the barrels once too. I didn’t want to push him too hard, good mood notwithstanding, because he was just coming back from his infection…

He was very sweaty after the ride, big fur coat coming in with very unseasonably warm temperatures= white foam sweat on his chest???

He got a sponge down and some apples, and I’ve called the vet to tell them that he still has a bit of a cough – they recommended wetting his hay for the duration – so that’s my next course of action.

I’m glad the infection has cleared out of his snout.

And next weekend, weather and knee injury permitting, I am thinking seriously about running to the barn. Nuts? Maybe!


Too much happiness: VIC Fest edition

Too much happiness: VIC Fest edition

This weekend I was lucky enough to get tickets and go to the annual VIC Fest, a cultural/wine/beer/food/music event that happens every year- and I have gone every year too, this is my fourth!

And for some reason, EVERY year is a ridiculous shit-show and I get seriously messed up. Last year I ended up with sunstroke (combination of hot/sunny and too much alcohol), and this year it was just flat-out alcohol. So stupid.

I was having a GREAT time, so good in fact, I didn’t realize how drunk I was becoming…

It should have been a clue that I kept dropping my drinks. Yeah, a cider went to the ground and I went and immediately bought another one, and that one seriously FLEW out of my hand! Like magic! Like the fates were telling me I was drunk enough! Except I didn’t get the message, and bought more…


By the time Said The Whale came on, I was full-on sloshing around. Laughing, crying, kind of a total mess. Having a lot of fun though, and I thought they were great!! We left when the festival ended and I went to a friend’s place, and had another drink…Yeah you can see where this is going…

We went to Canoe Brewpub for an afterparty and listened to some band playing. They were nice, sort of country? Things were getting VERY blurry by that point…I had another cider…

And hit the minuscule dancefloor, after telling off some guys (can’t remember what I shouted at them..???) But they were laughing, so it must have been funny to them! The band finished up, and my friends went to continue the party at Lucky Bar. I was way too out of it to even think about continuing on so I called my husband and he picked me up. Thank god too, because I could barely read my cell phone.

We got home, I think I said something about wanting french fries, so I toasted some bread, ate it, and then promptly ran to the bathroom to throw up. Missed most of the toilet, unfortunately…Well, unfortunate for Ian haha.

I didn’t even brush my teeth.Yuck. My clothes were all over the apartment- jeans in one bathroom, socks in the hall, belt on the floor in the bedroom, t-shirt in my bathroom, bra in the hallway. Yugh.

Had a pretty lousy sleep and woke up feeling worse than death. Was supposed to go for a run in the morning, but I couldn’t even crawl to my cell phone (wherever the hell it was) so Ian ended up texting for me. I think I made it out a bit before 12…To go throw up again. BLAH.

Spent the day feeling sorry for my self-inflicted misery.

It was a fun night through!