Wowza, climate change is real! We got temperatures reaching up to 37 degrees here on the West Coast, so I didn’t do a ton of riding this week and past weekend, more like hosing off the poor horse!

While I am a fan of the heat, I was concerned about our furrier friends. I ended up cancelling Oats’ jump lesson on Saturday (32 deg!!) and we went on a summer adventure instead! And on Sunday I got up early and was in the saddle around 8am, but it was still incredibly hot so we just did a little w/t and called it quits. Monday I got up VERY early and had my butt in the saddle at 6:35am to beat the heat- and it did the trick! The shade was out over the outdoor arena, so I rode outdoors for as long as we had shade and then I get to beat it to work- so, finished up around 7am. It was much cooler then, thank god.

Swimming time!

Our summer adventure was a great call though. We hoofed it up to the Cowichan River and went swimming and it was glorious! The water was a bit cold (I am a wimp though) and it was very hot out. Gidget came with us and we definitely enjoyed ourselves.

We then zipped over to Enrico’s for a wine slushy (yess!!) and hit up Ice Cream Mountain on our way to the barn. I rode Oats bareback at the walk for 10 mins and that was it, phew…it was smoking hot! I felt very good about cancelling my lesson that day, it just didn’t seem very fair for the horses.

Wine slushy!

And now we’re off to another summer adventure, after a ride tonight 🙂 I love summer, and it’s starting to cool off from our insane heatwave here.

So many good flavours: Peanut butter and chocolate, Raspberry cheesecake, Pralines, Caramel cookies ‘n’ cream!

Camping take #2~

That’s right, I have now camped more this year than in my life, basically! Ha. We went up to Stoltz pool at Cowichan River and camped from Fri-Sunday, and luckily the weather was on our side. It was pretty warm out, so we didn’t need to wear too many warm clothes and didn’t freeze our butts off at night, phew.

Can’t complain!

Saturday I still wanted to ride and let’s face it, hanging around a campsite for an entire day/night?? NOT my thing. Plus it’s a no-service area, so no phones or internet! So we zipped down to Victoria and I got to ride, and pick up grain for Oats. A win-win 🙂

Ian whittling down the sticks for my mega-marshmallows to roast!

We then had lunch (sandwiches that we made) at Spectacle Lake and it was a lovely day. Headed back to our campsite, packed up our chairs and headed to the river for some chill-out time!

Sunday it was grey and drizzly, so a good day to pick up and go I guess. Decent timing of the weather, get crappy when we’re leaving. All in all, a nice weekend to try and do something different. 🙂

Growing up is for trees

What a lovely long weekend- and judging by how much sleep I got this weekend, apparently long overdue? It was pretty busy, nevertheless!



Friday the weather dawned grey, drizzly and cold so I rode Oats first in the indoor, and then in the outdoor when I forgot they were turning the sprinklers on and had to vacate- my mistake haha. He felt very forward in the indoor- so much so I was having trouble with my steering- but funny enough, when I moved back outdoor the huge trot I had? Felt totally normal.

That’s the space issue I think- it plays tricks on you! He was good to ride though and we worked through some more trot-canter-walk-trot-canter transitions. I went for a short hill run (5k of hills) after my ride, and we attended a friend’s Canada Day party in the evening. All in all, a fairly good day.


Mr. Oats mid-sneeze

Saturday, we had something special planned- a gallop in the field photoshoot! And the weather finally cleared up, so we did our photoshoot, and it was a BLAST!!! Galloping Oats in the field is one of my most favourite activities. Soooo fun. I think Oats enjoys it just as much as I do, because he doesn’t have to do any boring flatwork haha.


Running in the field is my favourite says Oats!

We then packed up from the barn and headed off to the Cowichan River- it wasn’t as warm as I would like, so I didn’t swim, but it was a nice hike in and felt great to be close to nature again. When we got home, I was pretty tired but I laced up my runners and jogged out for a brief 4k or so light run…In preparation for our 7-year anniversary dinner at the Keg!! Yum! We went all out for it- I had a fabulous cocktail- the NY Sour, and Lobster Sirloin. Mega $$$ but worth it man, worth it.


Gidget hitches a ride.

Sunday was a sunny day again but chilly and breezy. We zipped up island with our dog in tow and our runners and decided to make a good day of it at my in-laws farm! We left our dog with his parents and jogged up Cobble Hill/Mountain, not a big one but there are lots of twisty, steep-ish trails to explore. It was a fairly tiring run, and I even made us go a bit further to make it an even 9km.


It’s hard being a purse-dog

Then it was time for garden picking- it took like hours actually! Croquet, dinner, and Bocce ball. It was late when we got home that night, and we sure made a good day of it. Oats got the day off because I’d ridden him 4 days in a row and we both needed the break.

Yeeeeehaawwww~ Happy Canada Day and other shenanigans

Where was I?

Right! Here’s an Oats update from the weekend, my dressage lesson, yesterday and beyond!

Had a great jump lesson last Thursday, then my friend took Oats out on Friday to do some ringwork and a walk around the block and he was good for her! Another friend worked him in the ring for me on Saturday so I could watch and see what kind of issues cropped up (it was super informative and I enjoyed watching), and then we had our counselling session.

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

It was allll good!

Didn’t ride Sunday, because by that point Oats had been going for a solid 5 days straight! I rode in the field Monday and he was pretty good, fought a bit about contact on the right but nothing big.

Dressage lesson indoors on Tuesday and it was a bit of a rollercoaster, haha. The good: his leg-yielding has gotten LEAPS AND BOUNDS better! Wow. From the push-pull-tug of our miserable lateral movement to the ‘yes ma’am’ of sideways…I’m very impressed. It was great.

The not so good: I’m not going to call this bad, because it’s a step in the learning process…His dolphin leaping/plunging that he does when he finds getting the contact at the trot difficult. I did get frustrated and shouted out ‘Feels like I’m riding a freaking carousel horse!!’ but I never got to the fear stage that I was at last week. It just felt…Well kind of silly! And we just kept at it, and we did get past some of it. It is a process.

Anyways, I was sweating buckets but felt pretty decent about the lesson. Some good, some things to work on.

I fight you!

I fight you!

Flash forward to Canada Day and we spent the whole day relaxing at Cowichan River, just me, the dog and husband (and an assortment of crayfish, frogs and toads). What a lovely day, and wonderful memories. To top off the day spent swimming at the river, we got huge ice creams at Ice Cream Mountain! Yum! They were melting insanely fast.

Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad

I then was going to reschedule a jump lesson for Wed (Canada Day) because I’m going out for dinner with friends visiting from Whitehorse on my lesson day, but my trainer wasn’t feeling well, so instead we…GALLOPED in the big field!!! Yeeeeehawww.

Not enough to eat

Not enough to eat

Of course looking at the video later is hilarious, because Oats is barely doing a bigger canter…But it FELT big! hahahah. It was exhilarating, my friend and her thoroughbred were galloping, and so was pony and I!

Good days, good days.