To my extreme frustration, my leg is totally fucked. Like…I can tell the delamination has started and that was something I SO wanted to avoid. I started having trouble walking this week 😦 and it hurts going up the stairs, going down the stairs, and riding. YAY.

All that shockwave and strengthening exercises? Five WEEKS of them? Did shit all.

So I’m headed back down the road to having 6 months off. Yay me.

On that note, I’m stopping any attempt at running for a week, no more walk-jogs, nothing. If I can’t walk anymore, it’s gotten so much worse than how it started. 😦 Funny I have to have the discipline to NOT do anything???

2 thoughts on “Discipline

  1. I’m always hesitant to give any kind of advice on chronic pain because no one else can know all the things anyone else has tried so I totally understand if you have no interest in any input from me, some random who reads your blog. But I’ve dealt with a variety of back issues for 10+ years and have learned a lot of things about treating chronic issues in that time, and I think the most important takeaway for me has been that if an approach isn’t working, try something else. I notice you’ve talked about shockwave therapy a lot, and it seems like it’s both very painful and fairly ineffective for you. I would suggest trying both other treatments (massage, physio, IMS, acupuncture, etc) and also different practitioners. I went through a mountain of massage therapists, physios, and chiropractors before I found ones whose approaches worked better for me. It took a long time and was really frustrating but once I found therapists and techniques that were effective, things got much better.

    Again, no worries if you’re not looking for advice like this, feel free to ignore the peanut gallery over here!


    • I totally appreciate this! And I get it, ha. I have gone through a few physios for my knee, thanks to hypermobility and have found that for this type of bone injury, my options are a bit limited, sadly. I do like Active Release but it’s definitely for more of my hip tendon/muscle release. And after a bit of reflection, I think I got lulled by my injury thinking I was more recovered than I was, and overdid the rehab/recovery of it- too much of a good thing, and 90% is NOT 100%, to my chagrin 😦 I’ve taken a big step back to help my body heal more and fingers crossed that works!!!


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