Snack Reviews: A cheese to ward off the Ides of March

But before we get to the cheese goodness, anyone else feeling like the Ides of March came early? This past few weeks are just sort of cursed?? Just me?

Re-aggravated a stress fracture in my tibia -off for a month with it, fun fun, had a car drive at me head-on and then swerve at the last minute on Monday, Oats then proceeded to be an absolute loon to ride, had a riding accident on Tues where the horse FELL with me, had a racoon burst out of the loft door at the stables, freaking the heck out of me in the pitch black and I almost fell backwards down the loft stairs…Got woken up last night by a big bang- Ian had left a can of coke in the freezer and it exploded. Man. I could go on but you get the idea?!!

So, the only safe space right now is food. And I can celebrate that at least….With this! Black Lemon 100% Tasty by Ruscello:

That’s right, and what a cheese this is. Black as night, a Stygian darkness that looks quite frankly very intimidating. Ian bought it at Country Grocer purely because it looks so weird (and a throwback to our charcoal-hued squid pizza at Beer and Pizza Night hosted during Beer Week, RIP events..).

So how is it? Well, first of all I had to close my eyes eating it. I guess the adage ‘ you eat with your eyes’ is true? When you cut into it, the pieces look like some sort of goth Play-doh. The color kept really throwing me off, and I almost wanted to taste charcoal or something. The real flavour of the cheese is actually quite strange also. It is a very lemony cheese (I know right, first it’s pitch-black and now also lemon flavoured??) so much so that it has a dessert-like taste to it. The lemon is deep, nice and quite delicious. It doesn’t have a lemon Pledge aftertaste or anything, it’s super pleasant! One big caveat- you know how you shouldn’t brush your teeth and drink OJ? Well, this cheese has similar properties, and mixes VERY poorly with other, previous cheese-oriented pairings, like apple. I can honestly say I have never had anything like this before, and probably never will. I do recommend it, purely for the novelty and the thrill! I haven’t added it to any recipes (here is me pretending I cook, haah and nobody was fooled) but I can imagine it would go really nicely with a delicate pasta and a lemony sauce to really zing it up. Try it- if you dare 😉

And a zip back to normalness with this one: Oh Henry Level Up.

It is clearly meant for ‘gamers’ of that population I do feel like they missed the mark. Maybe something flavoured with Doritos Cool Ranch and Mountain Dew Code Red would be a better fit? Genre-bending aside, this is a fun little bar, with an emphasis on LITTLE. It’s tasty, quite delightful and I liked eating it a lot, but with one big caveat: It is too small and thin. Like, think about all the things that you see that are small and disappointing – a pile of money, a small ice cream cone, a rug, your paycheque, whatever. When you see it, and it’s that small, you are disappointed. That’s immediately how I felt about this bar- it could be way better if it was beefier. Maybe I am spoiled, in my volume-eating greed, by Reese’s bars having a certain heftiness???

It’s crunchy, has pretzels, caramel and pretty ok chocolate. It would be my dream bar if it was bigger! And psst… the Oh Henry with peanut butter is bigger and better. You didn’t hear it from me!

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