“That which can be destroyed by the truth should be,”

I can’t attribute this correctly because it has a few disputed authors, but you get it! Happy Women’s Day!

Me every day.

I still haven’t been writing much because I feel very frustrated, helpless and stuck. Now I’m injured while still rehabbing my horse. Good timing right? And I knew I was going to get injured on the path I was running, but I had to keep on and see how far my boundaries can go. So, now I know! But I am managing the aftermath and it sucks and I feel like I’m in an endless merry-go-round of watching the dates fall off the calendar not fast enough for me. I just mark off days now, and look forward to the next day, the next week, the next month….To heal, I guess?

It never happens as quickly as I would like. Not for me, not for Oats, and not for the world during a pandemic.

Gripes aside, I am doing a lot of rehab work for myself too, every single day. Oats is also nearing ONE more week of rehab- as of this Wednesday!! I can’t believe it. He has been a holy terror to ride the past few weeks. I don’t think we’ve had a single ride that hasn’t started with him absolutely losing his shit about every corner of the arena. Yeah, that gets old very fast. I kind of hate it and dread riding him now, every day. Joy of joys…I just want my sweet, good natured old man back. I know he’s acting this way because he is feeling good, and not getting enough work. Soon, Oats, soon!

At least I have my saddle back, which feels freaking fantastic!

So my schedule goes on as it has every single day for the past 9 months, with the exception that I can’t run or do HIIT or impact work at all right now because of my leg injury. So, even more fun. Blah…

Hopefully there is better news just around the corner for me. There sure is for Oats!

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