Still waiting for the day I catch a freaking break

This week and last week have been objectively bad for me. How, you ask? Oh, in so many varied ways. Let me number them!

Last week I developed a hot spot on my bone, AGAIN. Went to shockwave on Fri, to catch it early- and we are doing well in managing it, but I am staring down the barrel of at least 3-4 weeks of shockwave/rehab/walk-jogging to hopefully catch it before it turns back into another stress fracture. FUN TIMES.

Such a shame, we did have fun!

Monday I had a car drive head-on to me when I was driving to the barn. It swerved at the last minute, but jesus CHRIST I had my heart in my throat thinking I was going to die in a head-on collision. When I was riding, it was such a beautiful day- the warmest, nicest day we’ve had in forever! Oats was a total psychopath moron and he was spooking so hard he set off the other horses in the arena also. Yay. Facepalm city. He didn’t really settle much and spent the rest of the ride running backwards and slamming on the brakes.

When I got back to my car, it had been shit-bombed by 5 crows. So fitting.

Tuesday must be better, right? After all, I had a jump lesson and I was so looking forward to it! 🙂 WRONG.

I had an accident jumping, and my jump days and ride days with Faith are over, as per me. We were going so nicely, trotting in to a small two-jump gymnastic and then cantering out of it, around the corner, to prepare for the other two-jump gymnastic on the other diagonal. WELL, she had been a bit funny about spooking in my warmup- two spooks there, despite her wearing her ear puffies. We landed off the gymnastic, got the correct lead, and were cruising around the corner when BOOM! She spooked so hard and so fast that she lost her balance, and fell. Yep, that’s right- I didn’t fall off, the horse damned well fell with me. First time that has ever happened, and it scared the freaking bejesus out of me. We fell in slow motion compared with how fast and violent the spook was, so I had lots of time to kick my legs free and escape w/o being crushed. The only thing I have today is a bruise on my knee! I feel wracked and pretty stiff, not to mention it’s the same leg that I am treating for the hot spot…Well, what’s another injury on that leg I guess??

Sadly I ended my ride, and lesson days right there. To be honest I am not that brave, and I will not have trust in her anymore. It’s not fair to ride a horse you don’t trust- for you, or for them. I know this well enough by now, plus I still had to get Oats tacked up and rehabbed. That is harder to do if you are injured!! I have to stay at least reasonably healthy (I guess bad leg notwithstanding…). Oats was a total gem, I was a nervous wreck haha. He was back to his chill self, not sure what his nutso day was about? Oh well.

And then when I was finishing up with Oats, I went to get his ice book for his 20 minutes of ice, and a racoon bolted out of the cat door in the loft and scared the shit out of me!! And him I guess? I almost fell backwards down the stairs of the loft!!

I have had ENOUGH. Have you heard me, life? ENOUGH.

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