Making progress

It’s been a really tough year and I feel like I can mark the year in ‘pandemic year’ and ‘Oats injury year’ and they both suck. However I might be seeing a light at the end of the suck. We had our third ultrasound last Tuesday and I was biting my nails worried about how it would go (he felt great, but was that enough??) and luckily it WAS GREAT! πŸ™‚

Look at us go! First time on almost 7 months!!!


So, we got the all-clear to start a modified canter rehab. Canter one day, trot work the next, rinse and repeat for the next 9 weeks. After week 5, we can do continuous canter. That is great news!! We did our first canter last Wed, and then another canter on Saturday. He was golden for the canter! He was not so great about the ‘spooky corner’ which he has increasingly been an idiot about, but oh well. I did crack him on top of the head when he was getting light and running backwards and that didn’t really de-escalate, more like it really pissed him off and he got furious and bucking and rearing, hah!

So, we manage day by day and I look forward to the day we can do things again- riding lessons, jumping, a trail ride with friends… It’s been a super hard winter people. And good news too- my ratty little furball rabbit decided to start eating again! He goes off his food once every two months or so, and then it’s syringe-feed time all the time. It sucks and it is also immensely stressful. Good times…

He loves his buffet when he IS eating πŸ™‚

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