Easy to corrupt

And…Oats is lame again. EFFFFFFF.

I can’t string together two good weeks this entire goddamned summer. Yay. Missed out on my dressage lesson, even when I went out early to go set up stuff in the field to use. I pulled Oats out into the cross-ties, went to brush him and immediately noticed a puffy right ankle. Not that bad, but enough to make me wonder, and bingo, my wondering was right. He was lame on the right hind.

Trotting to the left he was ok, to the right= lame. 😦 both myself and my trainer noticed it immediately. Wrapped, cold hosed and freaking fingers crossed AGAIN.

Nobody can catch an effing break this summer, eh? Oh and also Tucker has been on and off again not eating/going downhill this week too. YAY…….life is so great, isn’t it?

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