Don’t ask if things can get worse. They can.


My life is now reduced to a series of incoherent ranting, cursing and meme-sharing.

I feel tired just thinking about how shitty I feel right now.

  • Horrendous allergies- I can’t freaking BREATHE. Itchy throat, eyes, nose, lips. Endless runny nose. Allergic coughing up endless phlegm.
  • Taking triple the amount of antihistamine= Barely conscious zombie. At work. In a pandemic.
  • Oats is lame. I suspect an abscess. He had a hot foot yesterday (left hind). Greeeat. Well, I guess the good news is that now I know what it is??
  • I am so tired (allergies, allergy meds, daylight savings, stress, work stress) I can barely function.
  • My shin splints are aggravated currently, I guess from the race this weekend. Hoping beyond hope I didn’t start something…

I guess the only good thing right now is that I don’t also have to get a root canal.

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