I will spite survive

A few weekends ago I went horse camping with friends! It was for a local trainer’s ‘Wine, Women and Working Equitation’ camping and clinic weekend and it was 100% what I needed! Jane Stone offered the course (limited entry), I had a great time, and Oats is SO GOOD at working equitation! His keenness and flexibility to learn makes me feel just overjoyed!


You can’t fake a smile like that! Photos are courtesy of photographer Christi Kay.Ā 

I took the Friday off work and we hauled the horses and a metric ton of camping gear, hay, grain, water (there is a drought right now) up island for our camping weekend. We settled in and I was happy to see that I could camp right next to my boy!Ā  How awesome is that? I think we bonded even more because we got to camp next to each other for two nights šŸ™‚


The fixed gate obstacle was no problem for Oats!

Friday was an in-hand session, where we learned how to get the horse to yield and bend based off equitation science principles, specifically to work on aspects of the working equitation obstacles that we would be tackling. I’m not that great at in-hand… But hey low pressure and no fuss!


Oats is so brave over the bridge!

Dinner that night was pizza from Prima Strada, and it was soooooo good. Yum! I sure ate well that weekend, no doubt. Saturday was our introduction to the obstacles, and we were all in different sessions. Oats was very cooperative about learning more about them (we have done a working equitation clinic before and loved it!) and he’s super good with the obstacles. Some of the other horses were not so sure about the obstacles…My friends each had their own hands full!


I was…not great at the garrocha pole

Dinner was a potluck and we had a TON of food. I ate too much! hahah. My dear husband dropped off meatballs for me to bring AND cinnamon buns from the Ladysmith bakery (my absolute fav..ever!). It was just nice to relax and talk horses with my buddies.


Around the ‘cattle pen’

Sunday was the ‘speed round’ and run-throughs of the course. Oats was a superstar~ I had trouble with the garrocha pole (felt like I was going soooooo fast, and had trouble timing it enough to grab it correctly), but man it was so fun.

It was exactly the weekend I needed, as I came home on Sunday night to pack for my flight out the next morning to work on my deployment to Lillooet. Busy busy!

4 thoughts on “I will spite survive

  1. On the topic of cinnamon buns: on the highway heading north out of Campbell River is an old restaurant on Roberts Lake. In addition to the restaurant, they sell fresh baked goods. We heard great things about their cinnamon buns so after years of driving by the place, we finally stopped and grabbed one. I don’t even like cinnamon buns much but holy moly, it was unreal. So if you’re ever heading to the north island or even just in Campbell River, it’s worth swinging by Roberts Lake to give them a try.


  2. ps, unrelated but have you tried pumpkin spice Oreos? I was dubious of them but had one a few years ago and actually really liked it. I’ve been meaning to buy some ever since but forget ever autumn…UNTIL NOW. Now I’m hellbent on getting some this year. Just curious how your sweet tooth feels about them.


    • Hey you know what? I haven’t tried them but they are on my list! While I’m not the biggest Oreos fan (overhyped I tend to think) I have really enjoyed the varieties and I think the peanut butter ones were really good! Plus I have a HUGE sweet tooth šŸ˜‰ So I will definitely have to get them!! Thanks for twigging me on to them again.


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