My review: The Pop Shoppe’s Lime Ricky


Now, what’s the first thing you think of when you see ‘lime’? Sour? Tangy? Zingy?
Yeah me too.

Sadly, I’m here to tell you to leave this alcoholic Pop Shoppe’s Lime Rickey on the shelf. Or in my case, on the shelf of the weird dino- liquor store in the Westshore (you know the one). 

It’s not sour, it’s not tangy, it’s just very…green. Like a vibrant green that would have SImpson’s Nuclear Power Plant employees chasing after it, it’s that crazy neon toxic waste colour.

It has a vaguely bitter before-and-after taste that is rather off putting. Nothing about it screams ‘lime’ except maybe the pith of limes is bitter?

Real lime rickeys are not sweet, very lime-forward and are made with either gin or bourbon. You can’t tell what this one has (I’m guessing some sort of cheap malt alcohol, of the type found in Smirnoff Ice or those horrendous Straw-ber-itas made by Bud Light). It’s not better than a Bud Light anything. 

I also have to add that they spell Lime Ricky without the ‘e’ but conventional spelling appears to have the ‘e’ in it, so that’s staying. Another knock against them.

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