We Got It Coming: Jump lesson!

Back to the indoor doesn’t have to be boring or draggy- in fact, it’s quickly becoming an opportunity to sharpen/refine our skills. Of particular importance, my bad habits of letting Oats motorbike around turns when we are jumping and kind of just ‘give up’. No longer!! This time I am GOING to fix that problem (five years in the making, but who’s counting?!).



But yes, we worked on a particularly challenging course last night. Jump height-wise…Nothing impressive. But, we had a circle jump (hard for us), a skinny, some small barrels, a two-stride, and straightness!! to work on.

And it wasn’t easy, or very neat. But, we did improve throughout the ride, which is kind of what I’m going for. Things I am learning and hoping to work on this winter:

  • Fixing my corners, no more motorbiking/forgetting to ride/sitting up!
  • No pulling his head to the left over the jump!
  • No nagging with my leg. Let him relax, then GO for the jump, then relax.
  • Leg stays still.
  • Upper body stays still. Elbows are in shoulders are up.
  • Hands release, shoulders don’t release.
  • Adjustability in the canter.
  • No sitting back when I don’t see a distance and pulling up with my hands. Go with the flow.
  • Both reins used, with contact. This is a tough one for me, as I tend to want to only use one rein with the other flopping uselessly. I get afraid that too much contact will slow him down!

Sooo yeah, lots to work on. But, I did quite enjoy my ride 🙂


2 thoughts on “We Got It Coming: Jump lesson!

    • Definitely! We are using a few different exercises and gymnastic work to sharpen up both Oats and myself. A few we have on deck/started using:
      Canter poles set at 8ft strides on a circle- to encourage correct bend through the circle, engage both horse and rider through the circle with contact in both reins. Harder than it looks!
      V-shaped placing poles set up against the jump- the bottom of the ‘v’ is at the top of the jump so it encourages straightness for both horse and rider.
      Jumps on the diagonal- with a focus on going straight after the jump, and encouraging bend at the turn, not before the turn. And not just letting yourself motorbike around instead (I am the worst at this!).
      Mixing up a course- instead of a regular jump course, keep them guessing! We did 10-metre circle sitting trot to a leg-yield, canter at the end of the leg yield, canter over a x-rail on the diagonal, land right and go over canter poles on a circle, canter another x-rail off the right rein, trot, spin in the trot to the left and canter a vertical with 3 canter strides only on approach! Keeps the horse on their toes and the rider thinking through the entire round, instead of just ‘jump-jump’ 🙂

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