Sucking sucks sucks

I’m 100% struggling right now. My throat is swollen again and sore (yay, I think I’m getting sick AGAIN? like one week after recovering from my last head cold) and I NEVER get sick, ever. This is unheard of.

I am under a ton of pressure at work and it has been absolutely destroying my mental health and my immune system, apparently. I only have 1 week and 2 days left of absolute hell, but it has really made me question my current lifestyle and position. Change is uncomfortable but maybe it’s time to change for the better? Tough decisions but good ones.

I had a good lesson on Oats with Karen and my new temporary lesson-mate, Lindsey on Tuesday. We worked on quite extensive shoulder-in positioning, and Oats was really getting it! It felt ugly at times – it always does- but he was quite focused and limited the hissy-fits. Always a good thing, ha. Also, he was giving me MUCH more than I usually get from him, which makes me feel so proud!

Monday I went to see Beauty and the Beast with friends and I really liked it! A cute movie and absolutely stunning set/costume designs. Wow. Yesterday I was supposed to go out for dinner with friends but I had to cancel- too much work, and I was starting to feel not great…

My trainer’s horse came down with a virus this week and was so close to death- a bad colic, having to get fluids via IV, and possibly having to make the hardest decision of all. I was feeling so sorry for her. Jesus, can March get any worse?

I did send some money to her today to help offset the enormous $$ vet bills. Any little bit helps I guess? I also left a bottle of wine in her locker on Tuesday 😉

I just don’t know right now. This has been the longest, suckiest, worst, period of time for me. I just can’t seem to get above it? The weather sucks, work sucks, my health sucks. It’s not even permanent but I just can’t really get above it. SIGH.

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