A gala weekend!

I had a super busy, super awesome long weekend. Things kicked off right away with a gala night at the Officer’s Mess for a volunteer appreciation dinner that I attended as my husband’s date. He has been volunteering with the police department on van nights- they drive around downtown and look for expired insurance, valuables left out, and other things that they can flag for car owners.


My phone sucks at taking photos…

It was a lovely night, good food, cheap-er drinks (my G&T was $4.50) and some dancing! I was very impressed by the brass- they hit the dance floor and showed everyone how it was done. Wow. Everyone was just so free and having fun, I was really happy to see that people like to cut loose, and relax, and it was so enjoyable.

I ate too much! (this is getting to be a problem for me…) and we did some dancing too. Overall a really fun night, and a good way to kick off the weekend. Unfortunately I had a killer headache that would.not.lift.all.effing.day. Seriously, it was miserable and not even two hardcore Motrin/Aleve would treat it. UGH.


I loved this mirror- so stretchy!

The next day was my clinic with Norah Ross, so we didn’t stay out too late and I was too full to really drink much alcohol anyways, (not proud of this).

I ended up having a long weekend so I could get some shopping in on Monday…Stay tuned for the rest of it, other than the clinic recap posted yesterday. 🙂


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