My ripoff report: Events category

I’ve been to a lot of fun events over the past few months and years, and after yesterday’s experience I thought I should share what I learned about a few of them! I’ll chalk them into two categories- Worth It and Not Worth It.

Quite obviously, the one yesterday was Not Worth It. I have done this in the past with horse shows, sadly the ones I really liked and was promoting last year (Foxstone Stables Winter Series) went up $10/division and $10 office fees from last year to this year, and their warm-up day went from $25-$30 a day- can’t quite remember- to a rather pricey $55…And I have no idea what stabling even costs now, so yes= now priced firmly out of my budget. 😦 No longer Worth It for me.

Worth It:

Beer Week event- Beer and Pizza pairing specifically.

Hop-beer fests– Fresh to Death and the other one in the summer, Hoptonia or something- I can’t honestly remember- not too pricey, you get two sample tickets and it’s a good time. Way better value than Beer Fest, which is a huge waste of time and effort and is a ripoff.

Any brewery event– Check out new breweries for their offerings, open houses and more. They are SO good. Specifically I have enjoyed the grand opening at Caledonia Brewery, and back when Victoria Island Brewery did open houses, they were SO good!

Phillips Movie night at the Maltworks: Ok so this isn’t great value, but it’s fun, you get a beer ticket and a fun little drink to enjoy too. Not cheap but it’s a good time and provides value.

Granville Island Winter Warm-up: LOVE this one. I have only seen it offered this year and I had a fabulous time!

Art Gallery openings– Always a good time, and usually a glass of wine to enjoy along with the art. Check your neighbourhood art galleries for opening nights.

Dine around- Stay in Town: You know what? I do enjoy this, and find it to be fair value for the dollar, particularly if it’s a restaurant you’ve been meaning to hit up.

Happy Hour at Catalano: Worth it. $4 glasses of house red/white *(and it’s not bad), half-price appies that are understandably tiny, but WAY better priced than Bodega, I can’t emphasize that enough, WAY better. Any day of the week, 4-6pm. Genius!

Not Worth It: Aka a ripoff

Obviously, Gala Night at Hudson’s Bay– HAHAHAH terrible. So terrible. I am loving the entertainment value of telling people about what a joke it was.

Hillside Mall’s Night of Lights– ok, I hesitated adding this one because it was better than the miserable Gala night, but it’s too crowded, parking is a nightmare, shopping is a nightmare, their deals are ok, the swag is nice, and the appetizers are limited. Pass.

Night Shift: Nightmare at the Museum: Last year this was definitely a Worth It! But this year, no way. Too crowded, expensive, no really fun activities, impossible to get one freaking drink at, drinks are crazy expensive. Hard pass.

The Art of the Cocktail: I wanted to like this one, and I truly had a fun time at it. But it is very expensive ($65/ticket) and the crowds and lineups SUCK. I felt like I spent my whole night lining up, and then boom- all the lights turned on and we were ushered out. Plus, some of the vendors ran out before the end of the night, at 9pm. Too soon, too rushed, not enough food. Not going again.

Oktoberfest at Victoria Public Market: First year I went, I had a blast! It was very reasonably priced and I loved it. The next year, ticket prices doubled and it was not like my enjoyment of it doubled either…Hard pass this year.

Beer Week: Fish & Seafood night: Too expensive, lots of beer and super stingy on the seafood. Pass on this one.

Great Canadian Beerfest: Tickets are like $50, you get NO beer tickets with that by the way, a shitty little plastic sample cup, and ..??? Yeah, a big NO from me. Hard pass, every year.

Any craft sale you have to pay to get in to: Just DON’T. I do not care what your justifications are. My mom ran a huge and very successful craft sale for many, many years- she made enough from it to pay for my car when I graduated university. I will not pay to get the privilege of paying for anything at a craft sale- forget it. Not worth it on principle!

Editing this to update: Category 12’s 2nd anniversary open house: Too busy *quite literally packed FULL to the brim with people, not my idea of a fun time, and you had to pay for the samples of the new beer. Cheaper- $5/4 tokens, but still. Pay? Pass!! I could barely get out of there fast enough, jesus.


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