Saddle updates-tomorrow it is!

Lucky me I get my revamped saddle tomorrow! One more day (my lesson today) of borrowing my trainer’s saddles and then yes, all mine.


Soon, back to the indoor for good…

But last night’s ride saw me using my trainer’s school horse saddle. It is a fine saddle, but I forgot that last time I used it I had to wrap the stirrup leathers TWICE! Who are these giants with long legs?

So, I wrapped it once and rode with stirrups that were juuuuust a bit too long. It was kind of awkward…But doable. And as it was getting quite dark out, and I was riding in the outdoor arena, I made do and worked it. I was happy to ride in the outdoor at all- given the weather and losing the light at night, anytime I can get out there and ride is a good night!

AND my trainer had my old friend out to school her horse- he used to ride Oats for me when Oats was a total jerkface, and he is such a lovely, talented and confident rider. I was glad to see him again and I liked watching him work my trainer’s horse. He rode her really well, and it was a pleasure to watch.

Super nice to reconnect with old friends.

He said Oats was looking really good! I said all thanks to your hard work on him a few years ago (how many was it?? 2 or 3 now??) and then just persevering though it all.

We lost the light, and I was riding in the dark. Oats was so perfect! Not spooky at all with the darkness. In those times, I really appreciate how good he can be and how honest–no silly behaviour at night in the fall, riding in the dark.

Fun times- nothing earth-shattering, but just a good, fun ride with friends.


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