So that whole getting back into jumping thing? I don’t think Oats got the memo…Or something. I am very stiff and sore with an injured calf today, and feeling grouchy and sorry for myself. Gah and I didn’t even fall off for this to happen?!!

I was feeling really zoned out and tired yesterday and for some reason that translated into me being ON FIRE for riding. Weirdly, through my grid work I have a very hard time making my body respond to my trainer’s commands- I get nervous or anxious, so by the time she says ”use your crop now!” I’m through the grid and halfway around the ring by the time I actually do…

This time though? I was ON IT. Like, yes ma’am. Crop engaged! GO! And I was feeling really impressed by my super fast reflexes, and my lack of fear. I guess feeling zoned out and tired = no chatter in my head to make me react slower?

Anyways, it was going great until we moved on to some coursework. The first jump was good, the second one we slid into it…I was asking for a bigger canter, and let him get long and strung out…Like last week, we reached the tiny jump with a half step and he refused it. I clung on, hard. So hard in fact my calf seized up horribly and I was sliding off to the right. So much pain.

I pulled my calf muscle pretty badly staying on my horse? I was sweating with pain, cringing, and just…Couldn’t do anything but cling on and sit there, in excruciating pain.

Eventually my calf stopped pulsating and I could put my foot in the stirrup. I told my coach that was probably it for me for the lesson, but…I didn’t want to be be over.

So, foot engaged in the stirrup, I re-approached and it rode fine. Until we got back to the grid on-course, and the little fart had another stop? WTF? And I was riding great, more assertively than I normally do?

I give a good THWACK! And off we went, and Oats over-jumped the grid by…a lot. The rest of the course was fine, except the skinny rode terribly/hilariously both times with Oats saving my bacon because apparently I can’t ride.

I finished on that, after jumping a few more jumps just for fun, because it was becoming very clear to my that my leg was not going to recover that evening. I had to walk it off (limping) for a few hours that night…God, so painful.

Today, my calf is very painful to the touch, and I can go upstairs well, but down is…another painful story. My head also hurts and my shoulder hurts. I have never hurt like this before from not even falling?!!!! Mannnnn….

I am also going to look into getting a lameness exam scheduled for Oats, because he is NOT a stopper. The pony has heart and try, and this stopping is really, very unusual for him. He will literally climb over a fence from a standstill if you give him enough go! So, what the heck? I am going with the benefit of a doubt here, and checking to see what is going on.

Fingers crossed I find something? Or not? I’m not sure but I want my good honest pony back.


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