Freaking exhausted

So, how does one follow up the trip of a lifetime? By moving houses, of course!

Yiiiiikes. Remind me later how that is not fun and kind of a bad idea. I am sooo tired today- yesterday we moved from our condo to a townhouse (about the same size as our condo..) and wow. Everything hurts. I hate change. I feel grouchy.

It doesn’t help that it rained all yesterday, pouring rain this morning, grey, dismal, shitty and cold. Hell-0 fall, I didn’t miss you at all! What happened to summer?

It will take some getting used to, and a few months ago when I bought this new place, this was exactly what I wanted/could afford within reason. Now, I just have to get accustomed to a new neighbourhood, new grocery store, new commute to work and the barn- both longer- and hope I like it!!!

For now, I am at work, tired, with a bum knee, bad back and biceps that laugh at the idea of doing weights..ever again. Yeeeesh. Also trying to get my stuff that I forgot in my condo, like all of my cutlery (need that) and all of my pots (eeek).

So much for riding this week- Oats is lucky I rode Tues/Wed at all!!!


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