A new normal

A repeated refrain from my jump/showing progress this past year has been: This feels good, I am making progress, but how do I know it will stick?


Cute chestnuts all in a row last night!

I felt tentative. Wary. Used to riding a high and then having the rug pulled out from under my feet, courage and bravery-wise. I’m not used to taking advantage of my new perceptions and the hard work I’ve been doing to manage my anxiety.

But you know what? I know I go through this every year, but this year I’m feeling VERY positive. Are our rides perfect? Hellllll no. Are the fun? YES! Do I feel like each lesson, despite what actually happens during the lesson, I am working toward my goals? Definitely!

And that’s all I should be happy with. And I am!

Last night we worked on some things I typically cringe about doing: gymnastics (ugh!) a 2’3” oxer- actually I am getting way more reasonable about this, and it was fine, and a circle jump- no prob! And a bending line- 1 awkward run through it where Oats and I got kind of confuzzled, and then we ran through noooo probs.

The gymnastic was simple, trot-in x-rail to a 2-stride vertical. The vertical eventually went up to between 2’6”-2’9” and it rode really nicely. Not something I take for granted in my world, hahah.

The vertical also became the 2nd fence in the bending line, so it got bumped down when we approached it.

Oats has also been working hard on helping me out with his changes, he now gets the front regularly but also gets the back late. Still, this is more than he has offered in the past and he has started offering them much more regularly, so go OATS!

And the sunny weather has done much to improve my outlook on life. It was almost 20 degrees yesterday!


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