Wild One

The weather this weekend was…wooly. Luckily it was so lovely on Saturday, just in time for our…18k run! We’re beginning/trying to make up some longer runs to prepare for our 4th half marathon (yikes!) that is coming up sooner than I would like. It’s tougher to schedule these runs in than you’d think…


And something that surprised me. I was in a bad mood last week, just rotten, no-good, very-bad, miserable and grouchy. For pretty much the whole week. When Friday rolled around, I wasn’t even really looking forward to the weekend. Sure I like running, and I was glad I had rescheduled my jumping lesson for Saturday, but a few things were making me feel quite edgy.

I am NOT GOOD at sitting around on weekend mornings (save sleeping in a bit- love that). It makes me incredibly anxious for some reason and just ruins the day for me. My lesson was at 3:15 and I wanted to fit in an 18km run. Whaa?? What to do, what to do.

We were planning on running late, but my husband, who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, suggested that instead of fussing and fidgeting all morning (it was going to be too much for my poor brain to handle), we do our long run first thing. That way I could get something super productive out of the way, and then have lunch, chill, and go to my lesson.

At first I wasn’t sure, because I was thinking my legs/body would be too tired for my jump lesson. And then I was like, hell yes let’s do it! And we did!!!

And you know what? It worked out perfectly.

The run went really well, it took forever (1:44:??) but the weather was faaabulous, the sun was shining and all was right with the world. We finished and I had lunch and lay around on the couch before my lesson started. I zipped off to the barn for my ride, and wouldn’t you know it, Oats and I were BACK ON OUR GAME! YES!!!

You know how on Thursday I was saying I just love jumping for the heck of it? I think that really helped me get back in the groove for my lesson. Because my body was tired, I wasn’t an anxious and I seemed to feel a lot more like ‘me’ again. Back in action and down to businesses. It wasn’t even perfect!

We totally flubbed our way through the course the 1st time and knocked down a jump, etc. It was pretty ugly and blah, and I was like you know what? We’re doing that again, and I am getting ON  Oats about forward. No more of this wishy washy BS.

My coach looked surprised and was like, well if you feel up to it! (I did tell her I had run 18km in case I was riding stupidly, haha). I DID feel up to it!

So we went straight ahead and rocked it, and took a break, and rocked it again. It sure wasn’t perfect- had a few ugly jumps- but I felt good about my riding and my efforts, and about Oats too.

So, even though I was in a bad mood all week and crabby as all hell, the weekend really redeemed itself for me. YES! Also kudos to my husband for recognizing what I really needed to do before my ride, to make my weekend work out smoother.

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