January River

So, nothing much this weekend–my legs were aching so much on Friday, it felt like my bones were stretching! Ouch. I was looking forward to giving them a bit of a therapeutic rest on the weekend, and so I did, pretty much…nothing.

I had half a mind to try this small clinic that I could walk Oats over to on Saturday but decided against it–it was too late in the day, and my enthusiasm for seeing certain other horse people there was just ‘eh’ so I didn’t bother.

Instead, I wiggled my way through a lesson on Saturday (Saturday is suddenly THE busiest day the barn? Go figure!) and I honestly tried my best to stay the heck out of the way from their lesson. I really hate when people interfere with my lesson, and so I really don’t want to interfere or get in the way during theirs. Moderate success, ha. It’s tough!

Sunday I ended up riding during a lesson AGAIN! WTF? I didn’t see it written on the board so I thought I was in the clear…not so. Oh well,  Oats can always manage another forward-flat day. Though I was kind of hoping to do some small jumps. Jumps= fun, flatwork= work.

It’s true.

Oats was a bit pissy during my ride Saturday, which I would chalk it up to his tail back in the braid (until I can get a tail bag) and just kind of attitude in general. He perked up on Sunday and was a good little pony. I can tell his enthusiasm for flatwork really wanes in the winter….

Mine too though, so I guess he comes by it honestly?

Run updates- took it way back this weekend and only did hill runs on Sunday (in the freaking pouring rain and driving wind…yuck!!). 40 minutes in and I was done!! Legs felt pretty reasonable, iced my knee on and off for the rest of the day on Sunday and had my husband roll my calves.

A very quiet weekend that had me not so looking forward to the week ahead….5 days until a long weekend!!!


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