Wanting to do more

As I mentioned yesterday, Oats and I were supposed to have an adventure this past weekend that didn’t pan out (fortunately!) but it’s awakened my thirst for more.

Now I’m scanning the horse boards online looking for horse shows or clinics or anything cool to do with Oats. Yes, I’m getting- bored- ?? Or just antsy to go and DO something at this point?!

Part of me is like, whoaa, hang on. You have 3 races coming up on back-to-back weekends in a row. Wait and see what your energy is like from those and then get back to me about wanting to spend the $$$ and time getting your horse out to places and events.

The other part is like, hells yes I want to go take Oats places! $$$ and time be damned! I also happen to have a bad track record of over-scheduling myself and running myself ragged physically (no joke, I actually got ‘exhaustion’ this fall?).

First race (Harriers 8k) is this weekend. After that, we shall see!

I also have a dressage lesson tonight, and my flat rides lately have been very frustrating. Not scary, just frustrating. Makes me want to strangle my pony, who I know is only trying his best. So….yeah. Should be interesting.



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