When your day feels like a really long night

It’s so dark these days, and I can’t help but hate the ‘leaving for work in the morning at “night” and then coming home from work (late, ugh) in the pitch black, driving to the barn for my lesson in the dark, riding under lights, walking my dog at what feels like midnight’…

Me right now

Me right now. Funny, I use this every Christmas, and every Christmas feel incredibly grouchy. Hm..

It feels like my whole day is just one long night.

I was also spectacularly grouchy, work stuff in general, the countdown is on for my holidays and man, they can’t be here soon enough! I also feel like the lack of daylight on my skin is affecting my energy levels.

Went into my lesson with Karen with mixed feelings- I barely had enough time to take my dog out, get changed and zip out to the barn (see work thing) so I was feeling stressed and kind of irritated in general. I was also curious how the vibe of the lesson would be, as my fellow rider has been having several issues with her horse – issues that I am intimately familiar with as I’ve gone through the same training problems- and things escalated very poorly last week.

I admit, I was starving and kind of like, can we cut to the chase? When my lesson partner was having an in-depth conversation with Karen and I was getting antsy and tired- hell-o, long day here! Let’s get this show on the road!!! I wasn’t too rude, but when she started talking about her second horse, I was like, um hey let’s GO!

So we worked on some things in the lesson and as I mentioned to my husband before I left, that I was on a repeated cycle loop yesterday and was doomed to repeat myself, not knowing I was doing so…And yeah, that theme presented itself handily in my lesson.

Cue Oats ‘hopping’ into the canter instead of oh, coming off my leg in the trot nicely. So, we cantered. And cantered. And cantered. I was tired. This is a training thing with him that I am used to, but it still bugs me.

Meanwhile, my lesson partner had to dismount and work her horse from the ground, as the training issue came up again and was frightening her. Fair enough, that’s what I would do – when I was in that situation in the past.

So, I worked Oats through his ‘hopping’ and we finally got a nice engaged/straight trot (finally!) and I was a little annoyed that this issue came up and we had to spend the whole lesson on it,  again,  hello groundhog day here? But Karen reminded me that consistency is KEY, and it’s simply a matter of repeating your request until the pony gets it.

He finally got it, haha.

Overall, his work is fine, but yesterday I was not in a super productive mood, so I’m glad we were able to work through his training holes without drama at least, haha.

Good pony.


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