Jump for it!

Despite my kind of gloomy post yesterday, Oats and I have actually been having a TON of fun jumping lately!

2015-12-06 10.57.02

The small gymnastic from Saturday.

We had a good jump lesson with Nicole on Saturday, and have another jump lesson scheduled for Saturday again as she’s busy on Thursday. In the meantime, I’ve been practicing pretty much every chance I get on my own and you know what? I’m having a blast!

I have no expectations (other than safety) and I set the fences to whatever I feel comfortable doing. Really tiny, like under 2 ft? Sure! Then the next ride, I’ll set them to 2’3” and work over that. And it feels great!

2015-12-06 10.57.06

Jumps that make up the course I’ve been schooling lately- they are tiny, I wasn’t kidding!

Every jump isn’t perfect, but you know what? That is totally ok. It’s fun, it’s completely manageable within my anxiety levels, and I keep right in my comfort zone. I know, it sounds a bit silly- I jump within my comfort levels alone? Who IS this person? But it’s honestly…true?

I feel fairly confident, relaxed and I don’t push myself beyond what I feel like I can reasonably accomplish on my own.

My jump lesson had us going over a small gymnastic, and we aced it (ok, well aced it after I started riding with my hands in the ‘phyllis rein’ set up, aka carriage hands, because I was starting to ‘snap back’ too fast. And then we worked over a small course, with a tear-drop rollback. It was fun! And totally not anxiety-inducing at all! The jumps were tiny!

2015-12-06 10.57.19

Oats, looking as impressive as always.

I came out feeling exhilarated but not scared.

And so I kept that feeling rolling on Monday, as I flatted on Sunday.

Set up a few fences a hole higher than what we had on Saturday and just rolled through them. Jumped the ‘higher’ fence twice- once from each direction, and he was perfect throughout. It was even a quick ride, because I was so pleased with how he was moving. Yay!

So, even though my anxiety is kind of bubbling below the surface– my jump rides have been quite fun, and I’m being very careful about how I manage my anxiety/expectations when I jump. And this is totally paying off!!



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