Can’t even with today.

I actually came into Friday with pretty high hopes, maybe a recap of how my jumping lesson went yesterday (fairly well), and looking forward to the weekend and all the fun things I have coming up but instead…

Today. Me.

Today. Me.

My day got steadily worse.

And worse.

And worse.

And now? I’m so done. I’m ready to throw my phone at the window.

Funny enough, it’s not any ‘one’ big thing…It’s just…Effing enough. Death by a thousand small, tiny paper cuts. On their own, ouch. All together, all day, constantly? Eaten alive!

Let me explain further:

An interview I was conducting took 1 hour, not 30 minutes like I had planned. On it’s own, fine, today? Not so fine.

I didn’t work out at lunch like I normally do- in part planned, but also I had to write the story for the interview.

I ran errands at lunch and got into a squwak with the cashier at Shoppers about something I bought that was on sale with a coupon on the product, which the cashier steadfastly refused to even look at. A manager got involved, I left satisfied but still, couldn’t this be resolved faster/easier?

I go to the bank to deposit $ and the ATM eats part of my deposit and doesn’t credit the missing money to my account. EFFF?~!

I go back to work and have approximately 1,000 emails of various competing priorities waiting for me, ok this is normal…

I get a message from my friend that I show with, and she won’t be able to make the show we had planned together for Nov. I was really looking forward to showing with her, and now probably can’t go–my coach won’t go with just one person and that’s me. 😦

I get another message from another friend who I had plans with tomorrow, she is sick and probably won’t be able to make dinner. Greeeat….

So. Effing. DONE. with today. It’s not even the end of the day, and my telephone is in my hand, ready to throw out or at the window…


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