Weekend burnout

So, after my glorious and gleeful posting about how much fun I had this past Halloween…I felt super tired and draggy this week, and was so exhausted and feeling sick yesterday I went home early and slept for hours. Guess I needed it?

Oats got clipped Tuesday and it was calamitous. Apparently in a doze, his knees buckled and he fell on my trainer who was clipping him! They were both ok but shaken up. Yikes! I almost had a heart attack when I read that. Lucky it wasn’t worse. Given he is very sensitive to dorm gel (the sedative) I wasn’t sure if I could make my lesson on Tuesday night. And I didn’t.

I got him out of his pen and he seemed a bit drowzy and lazy. His eyes were a tad glassy, but I tacked up and went to warm him up. I figured if he was just being lazy, he would perk out of it (new clip! It’s freezing out! Exciting pony times!), but if he was still ‘under the influence’ as it were, I’d hop off and bow out.

So, I warmed him up and he did NOT feel good. He felt wobbly, trudging. I attempted a trot and it felt kind of unsafe, so I got off and took him back to the barn. He started perking up around 7pm, when I was cleaning up and putting my tack away, but by then the lesson had already started, so better safe than sorry.

And yesterday? I was the one feeling weird! I had a terrible sinus headache, and felt like my head was full of cotton. I felt dizzy and strange. Everytime I closed my eyes, I felt like I was falling asleep! To be honest, I think the weekend of fun (and stomach bug and racing) did me in and my body/immune system was starting to crash, and it was crashing hard.

I slept for a long time, didn’t feel particularly hungry at all, and then was recovered enough for dinner and then bed–and I slept the whole night?!! Jeesh!

So, here’s me- glad it is the end of the week soon.


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