People with nothing to hide don’t hide.

So, I’m pleased to say this week (and I can say this confidently, being Friday now) didn’t suck like last week.

Mr. Oats as 'himself'

Mr. Oats as ‘himself’ gearing up for Halloween! 

Though, probably due to the stress, tension and injuries of last week, I have been battling an irritating on-again-off-again mild sickness? I feel tired, have trouble sleeping, sore/swollen throat and muscle/joint aches, my knee in particular giving me a hard time this week, swollen and aching.

And then the next day, I’ll feel pretty good! Just a bit tired? And then the day after I’ll feel lousy again…What gives, body?

Anyways, had a jump lesson with Oats yesterday and started off with my usual complaint: Not enough GO! Oats took this criticism under consideration though, and responded well to me by counter-offering a big gallop to the fences. We actually screwed up the striding in the tight indoor because I was wobbling between too much GO and not managing the distances well? What, when did this start happening? I had to balance and bring him back a little bit to get a softer, kinder canter and take-off spot. Now that is unusual.


We had a surprisingly nice trot warm-up fence (something I practiced with Vicki on Monday, after complaining heartily about how much I hate trot fences haha) and then moved on from the trot fence to a small course of x-rails, then a course of 2′ twice I think, and then a course that consisted mostly of 2’3”!!

And the weirdest thing? They ALL looked small. Like, tiny. Nicole was saying our last course was at 2’3” and I kind of…didn’t believe her. My brain was like, no these are tiny, my body was like, you’re still “jumping a course” so start freaking out a bit more, person! This is what you’re good at, freaking out!! Even though, in reality, I was like yawnn…These are no big deal. (I was yawning a lot last night- see weird random sickness days).

So, I’m struggling a little bit to get both my brain/body connected and on the same page. It’s funny to me that the jumps are starting to look small, and ride like no biggie–but I find I am still very tempted to get anxious and start worrying, physically.

We did have 1 stop at a small fence, but that was 100% pilot error on my part–I just couldn’t seem to figure out what I was doing, haha. We re-approached with a more organized, smaller and softer canter rather than pushing for the gallop, and Oats hopped over no problem. I think he just wanted me to get with the program?

Overall, I have to assume that watching my rounds would look sooo boring to the average horseperson, and I’m glad for it.


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